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Lead With Your Product

You have seen the ads: Join now and you will make over 5,000 per month with virtually no work or We will build your down line for you.

Or have you heard this one: Six-figure network marketing experts will teach you how to earn a six-figure income in XYZ Company.

Each of these ads is promoting a business opportunity. The opportunity is the main theme of the ad. The product, if mentioned at all, is a secondary concern.

Ads that stress products are completely different. They tell you of the benefits of a product or service, stressing how using the product or service can change your life. Often the opportunity is not even mentioned in the ad.

What do you do when you tell someone about your networking business? Do you tell them how much you are making, or perhaps how much the golden diamond above you is making, or do you tell them about the products and what they have done for you?

Which of these two ways you use to approach prospects will make a tremendous difference in the future results of your networking business.

Those who use the opportunity approach can build a large organization fairly fast. Leading with the product or service may take longer. However, the strength of the organization will be much stronger by leading with the product.

A tree that grows very fast has softwood. It is easy to damage or destroys. A tree that grows slowly has hardwood. It is much harder to damage or destroy a hardwood tree.

Also, the slow-growing hardwood tree will generally live much longer than the fast-growing softwood tree. Do you want your network organization to be like the hardwood or the softwood tree?

When you lead with your product or service, your prospect will join based on your personal testimonial.

If they use the product and like it, you then have a strong member of your organization. They are using the product and will likely continue to use it for a long time.

Some of them will also participate in the opportunity, and some will be satisfied just using the products.

Either way, they should be a fairly solid member of your organization. And they will probably follow your example and also lead to the product.

When someone joins your program based on the opportunity, they immediately have an expectation of what they will make.

Usually, that expectation is unreasonably high. They will also lead with the opportunity and recruit opportunity seekers.

Most of those that join based on the opportunity, will become frustrated after a few months because they are not making all of the money that they expected.

Then they will hear of a new opportunity and will jump ship. Each time this happens your organization unravels some.

Every time someone quits, others wonder why and some of them may also decide to quit. You keep getting holes in your organization, which results in an unstable organization, and its gradual collapse.

Eventually you will also get frustrated and quit. In the meantime, the person that is leading with the product will slowly be building a strong organization.

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