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Male Yeast Infection – Why It Happens And How To Avoid It

Male yeast infections are a lot more common than most people realize. For the men that suffer from these yeast infections its a never ending, up and down roller coaster of pain and suffering.

It doesn’t have to be. For most men the key is to understand why yeast infections happen in the first place and then know how to prevent them moving forward. This article will help them do just that.

Unfortunately, for many men its not uncommon for them to experience a male yeast infection and experience them over and over again.

Yeast bacteria gets into the penis and results in itching, burning, pain during urination and possibly penile discharge. Sometimes, males can have this disorder without experiencing any symptoms of any kind.

Any male, regardless of age or sexual activity can get this disorder but it is more common is sexually active men and in men who practice certain sexual behaviors.

However a young child can get a male yeast infection without having experienced sexual contact of any kind.

Most frequently, men get yeast infections from having unprotected sex with a female partner who already has an overgrowth of vaginal yeast bacteria.

This means that a yeast infection can be a sexually transmitted disease (STD), yet unlike many STDs this is not the only means of getting the infection.

When monogamous couples practice unprotected sexual intercourse, if the female has a vaginal yeast infection, some of the bacteria can get into the opening of the penis, permitting these bacteria to multiply and resulting in an infection.

While the female may obtain treatment and get better after only a few days, if the male partner is not also treated, it is quite common that the very next sexual encounter will result in the passing of the infection back to the woman. This can become a cycle until both partners are properly treated.

A male child, especially a baby, can easily get a yeast infection in the event that feces contact the penis. The bacteria present in feces can get into the penis and result in an infection of yeast.

A boy can also get an outbreak because of being in damp clothing which provides environment for yeast bacteria to multiply into an infection.

In short, if you experience a male yeast infection that is likely due to the transfer of the yeast infection from your partner back to you, it is highly recommended for both parties to seek proper treatment. Otherwise, the condition could last for a very long time.

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