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Mentorship Programs – Should You Sign Up?

Mentorship programs are becoming increasingly popular on the Internet. Usually, they require a significant investment of money and time – but are they worth it?

Imagine this scenario.

You get out of bed early (as usual), sit down at the computer, and open your email program. As you watch a flood of emails pour in, you feel overwhelmingly tired.

This is understandable: you’re putting in hours and hours at the computer. You’ve tried one income-earning method after another; you’ve worked on building your list; you’ve uploaded a ton of content to your sites.

Surely it should be getting close to ‘pay off‘ time? Yet the income level never seems to go up…

It’s definitely one of those “Should I just give up and look for a real job?” days.

Then an email header catches your eye. It says “Don’t Use Johnny Marketer’s New Software Before You Read This!” You realize it’s a subject line deliberately crafted to get attention, but it’s also from one of the marketing ‘gurus’ that you actually trust.

You are pretty sure that there’s substance behind this bold statement.

Jaded as you might be, your interest is piqued. You’d been thinking of buying this new software. You’ve been trying not to put too much on your credit card, but if it helps your bottom line…

Hmmm, you’d better check this out and make sure you are not wasting your money.

You open the email and find a short paragraph advising you that this information is essential reading for any would-be buyer.

There’s a link directing you to read the rest of the story on the website. You click through… and you find a credible explanation of why you shouldn’t use this software before you learn a few essential facts.

In essence, your trusted guru is explaining that without key knowledge that surrounds the use of this software, your chances of success go way down.

It’s a brilliant product, he admits… but there are five essential techniques that will guarantee better results. He’s going to explain the most important one in detail.

And he does. He also briefly lists the other four techniques. You have enough understanding of the Internet to know that this is really good stuff.

You’d love to have the other four techniques fully explained, but this valuable information is available only to those in his mentorship program.

You sit and think. You click a link and read the details of the program. It runs for a year and you are guaranteed an in-depth analysis of your current situation and a step-by-step plan for growth.

You will find out the best current software and approaches to use. It sounds perfect for where you are now. However, it costs big bucks.

You mull it over some more. Your mind goes over the struggles you’ve had to date, and the thought of a helping hand is incredibly tempting.

You could really do with that objective overview of your business. Your hand hovers over the mouse – and finally, you click through and sign up.

Will this be worth it to you? It could be – but this depends on several factors.

1. The Promise: What does the mentor actually promise to do?

– Is there a guaranteed figure or result, or does he just promise to work with you and show you the way?
– Is there a safety net if he doesn’t deliver?
– What exactly does he require from YOU in order to achieve what he promises?

2. Credibility: Do you have good reasons for believing that your mentor will deliver the goods?

– Does he have a background of success himself? Is he living what he preaches?
– Have you purchased other lesser-priced products from this person? Did they deliver?
– Has he coached others to success before you?
– Does he have the ability to TEACH as well as DO?

3. Your Own Work Ethic: Will YOU deliver the goods?

– Are you prepared to work hard to make the most of your time?
– Can you take direction? Do you usually work well with others?
– Are you willing to believe that an experienced marketer can see your business path more clearly than you can?
– Can you stick it out for the full year?

4. Can You Afford It?

– Can you afford the payment without unnecessary hardship?
– Can you afford the time?
– Can you afford the emotional investment?

A good mentor can save you days, weeks, and years of errors and frustration. A bad mentor can result in your losing money, time, and even your health.

Before you sign up, evaluate the program and your mentor carefully. If you decide to commit, be prepared to work hard to achieve the results you desire.

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