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Nine Important Gas Grill Fire Safety Tips

A backyard chef should become familiar with these basic gas grill safety tips. These tips could keep everyone safe for many more outdoor cooking events in the future.

Fire safety is crucial when cooking on a grill. If using a gas grill, make sure and follow these tips for maximum fire safety:

1. Check the gas cylinder and all hoses before lighting the fire.

Look for possible damage to the propane tank, such as dents, rust, or cracks. Look for damaged problems in hoses, such fraying or cracks.

The smallest leak could result in an explosion. If you suspect a possible leak, a mixture of dish soap and water applied to the leaking area will result in bubbling to occur.

2. If you do notice any leaks, replace the damaged parts before lighting the grill.

Never dispose of a damaged propane tank by throwing it in the trash. Find a local authority that can properly dispose of your propane tank.

3. Store the tank in its proper place under the grill and in an upright position.

Keep far enough from the grill so that hot grease will not drip on the tank and hoses while grilling. Grease acts as a fuel, and any leak could cause the tank to catch fire and potentially blow up.

4. Do not store other flammable liquids such as gasoline or kerosene near the gas grill.

Hot grease or heat from the grill could set flammable containers on fire.

5. Never try to remove the valve from the propane tank.

The valve on a propane tank is designed to be used safely for outdoor grilling purposes. Tampering with this part could result in a fire or explosion.

6. Turn valve off when not in use.

Leaving the valve on could result in leaking gas through the grill hoses or burners. This could cause a buildup of gas and potential fire.

7. Even if not in use, keep all open flames away from your gas grill.

If there is a leak that is not detected, any lit cigarettes, matches, or lighter could cause fire or explosion.

8. Never bring a propane tank or gas grill inside your house.

Fumes from a burning gas grill can accumulate inside and become very hazardous to breath. Also, any leak could cause a serious fire inside your house.

9. When you do need to transport a propane tank, do not leave inside a hot car or directly in the sun for any length of time.

This intense direct heat on the tank could result in explosion.

If you follow these basic fire safety tips when using your gas grill, you should enjoy safe and hazard-free outdoor cooking events for many years to come.

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