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Optimizing Your WordPress Blog

There are three key areas that you can enhance the WordPress blog that will help you optimize it. The areas are adding additional ping service websites, using Feedburner, and using keyword-rich categories.

Ping Services
The first thing that you should do is add additional ping services to your WordPress blog. You must have administrative rights to your blog and be logged in to gain access to the ping service option.

Once logged into your WordPress blog’s backend, click on the “Option” tab, and then click on the “Writing” tab and scroll down to the bottom of the page.

You will see “Update Services” and a box under this title. There are a couple of ping services listed but you can add the following list by copying and pasting in the ping service list box. To complete the process, click on “Update Options“.

As a blog owner, being able to capture your blog traffic and generate reports is very important to know what you need to do to optimize your blog.

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One blog tool that works to help optimize your blog is Feedburner. Feedburner allows you to redirect your blog RSS feed through their service so that it can reach targeted blog visitors better.

This helps with optimization by allowing your RSS feed to have built-in options for bloggers to use as they read your blog’s RSS feed.

This brings in a stickiness factor that is always good for optimizing your blog. Some of the blog tools that Feedburner allows you to use so that you can increase the effectiveness of your blog are:

Analyze: you will be able to see real-time and accumulated statistics about your blog’s visitor information.

This will help you understand the traffic that is going in and out of your blog. This allows you to better target your optimization efforts to specific areas of your blog.

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Optimize: allows you to make your blog “browser friendly” so that subscribing to your blog is easy.

SmartFeed(R) is an option that you can use to make sure that your blog is compatible with most blog readers.

You can even build interactivity into each individual post by using FeedFlare(R) which allows you to add links at the end of each post such as “Email Post” or “Subscribe to Feed“.

Publicize: This is another way for you to make sure that your blog attracts web visitors. A couple of the tools that you may use is “Email Subscriptions” and “BuzzBoost“.

Email Subscriptions will give your web visitors the opportunity to receive an email once a day alerting them that you have updated your blog.

Then BuzzBoost(R) allows you to republish your feed as HTML so that you can add it as a Page on any of your other websites or WordPress blogs.

Using Categories as Keywords
The easiest way to optimize your blog with keywords is to use categories that not only define each post but also relate to other posts on your blog.

WordPress blog software uses categories as a way to “tag” search engines so they can be alerted that a new post has been added to your blog for a specific topic area.

Categories are also another way to organize easily the content on your blog. When you list the categories on the sidebar of your blog, it gives your blog visitors the opportunity to see all the content of your blog for a particular topic.

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