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Pills, Potions, And Power

This little essay is about your personal power and how to give it away OR how to keep it. It is all to do with a particular way of thinking, doing and being.

It is a way of getting out of the victim and fear mode that pervades a lot of the global population.

If you are interested in staying right where you are in your current state of consciousness, please, go watch TV or have another beer. Reading this will only bother you and be a waste of time.

This is about being your own person and being in your own power. It is about the beginnings of change and creating the personal world that you want to inhabit.

There will always be things going on in the world that are not quite the way we would like. Just accept this as the way things are and that it is really none of your business. This may sound like a selfish statement.

However, it is made with the intent that if it is happening the worst thing you can get into is the judgment of ‘good and bad.’ ‘Energy follows thought’ so you will only be exacerbating the situation by focusing upon it.

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You do not know the way that someone else’s reality operates or what lessons they may have to learn.

Certainly, do what good you can in the world AND ensure that you keep your own counsel.

Now, for a basic concept, accept that you are the power in your life. You have a body. You think thoughts. You are not your body or your thoughts.

When you say that you must ingest such and such to be well there is no power in that way of thinking. The power lies within.

When you eat or drink something to make you ‘better’ you take the healing and curative energy away from the body. You are working with effects. The causative lies within and not without. You are the cause and not the effect.

There are many quotes and experiences to substantiate the above outlandish assertions. Some are from the Bible and others from various sources.

1. ‘As a man thinketh in his heart so shall he be.’ The Bible

2. ‘Nothing happens by chance.’ Reshad Field

3. ‘With our thoughts we make the world.’ Gautama the Buddha

4. ‘Energy follows thought.’ Annie Besant

5. ‘We become what we behold.’ William Blake

6. ‘Man creates his own disharmony.’ HazratInayat Khan

7. ‘What you think about comes about.’ Anonymous

8. ‘No ye not that ye are the temple of the Living God.’ The Bible

If you search around in the Natural Hygiene area on the internet you will find further evidence and the experience of many people for whom, given the right conditions, the body does indeed have the capacity to heal itself without any interference from drugs or herbs.

This may come as a shocking surprise to most of us who grew up in the ‘if you are feeling off then you must take something for it’ culture.

If you have ever been around a farm dog when it is feeling sick it will chew grass, spit it out, avoid eating and rest. Such are the triggers for healing in our human society.

Any sort of cleansing and clearing of the old accumulated debris within your body will be of great assistance to allow it to heal and function as it is meant to.

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There is a substantial amount of material available on this subject from the Natural Hygiene area and the old stuff in the body is called ‘morbid matter.’

Changing eating habits is one challenge here; the greater one is to change our mind habits; our habitual, cultural ways of thinking.

If you would like some valid information from an excellent writer then search for Are Wearland, author of ‘The Cauldron of Disease.’ This book is readily available as a free download.

Reading this 70 years old publication will help with the mind stuff as you gain insights into how your digestive system was designed to function.

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