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Popular Party Games Bridal Shower

For any wedding, a bridal shower is an integral part. Not only gifts are being given to the bride and the groom but it is also time for some fun games and activities where many of the guests are introduced to each other for the first time.

And that is why bridal shower games are that much more important as they help the guests to shed their inhibitions and move with the flow. Here are a few games that you can try out during your or any of your friend’s bridal shower. 


This is a real fun game where you have two stacks of about 25 to 30 cards. In one set of cards you write down all the romantic words and things you associate with love and romance like roses and lips and passion while on the other set you will have not so romantic words like nostrils and ironing board.

Next, you distribute a pencil and a sheet of paper to each of your guess. Each guest gets to draw one card from both the stacks and the next thing he has to come up with is a two-line poem that has both the words. Can be very funny, especially with creative people around. 

Life Thread 

Have a spool of thread passed around and ask all the guests to break off a certain length of thread from the spool without giving out the reason as to why they need to do so.

Once all of them have their own length of thread ask everyone to talk about themselves in turns. While they do so they need to wrap the thread around any one of their fingers and they have to speak without a pause until the entire length of thread is wrapped.

This is a nice way for the guests to get familiar with each other, and they also have a lot of fun while doing so. 

Recipe to happiness 

Give each of your guests a sheet of paper and a pencil. Ask them to jot down five points that they think is the formula to a happy marriage. Once they are done the sheets should be folded and put into a box.

Now one has to get out the sheets and read them aloud while the guests try to guess whose advice each sheet carries. It also becomes quite a lengthy guideline for the bride-to-be. 


This is a very simple game, but is, at the same time a very fun game. Ask the guests interesting questions about the bride and the groom like where they met or where they went for the first date or when they decided on their wedding.

The fun comes not only from the write answers but also the wrong ones as people come up with the most imaginative answers. But you would have to consult the bride and groom for the questions and make sure you have plenty of interesting questions. 

Lucky winner 

This is not a game as such but it can be fun anyway. It goes like this settle on a number, say five. Now every fifth guest either gets a prize or she may be made to sing or anything. Just remember every fifth guest is special.  

Whatever games you play make sure you have prizes to give away. This ensures all the guests are interested in the games and no one feels like staying aloof.

And have someone conduct the games who know most of the guests and is natural in these sort of situations. That also brings more life to the event. 

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