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Seven Golfing Necessities You Can’t Live Without

For many people, golf is a way of life. As such, it also has its needs. Pieces of equipment are made necessary to play the sport, for example. Complimenting implements are required to fully enjoy each game.

And since golf has become a passion, and even an obsession for some folks, these types of equipment and supplements have become necessary investments to maximize all that this sport can give.

All of these items can be bought. But golf does not have to be a costly sport. You could most definitely rent the equipment essential to play the game. Or you could simply borrow what you will need from a buddy who’s also engaged in the sport.

Such should be a more cost-effective option to take, as golfing materials don’t usually come cheap.

Here are seven golfing necessities that are needed in a game of irons, balls, grass, and holes.

1. Golf clubs –

How do you expect to play without a set of golf clubs?! And yes, you read it right. In playing golf, one needs an entire set of golf clubs.

A set would include irons, putters, wedges and drivers, each customized specifically to improve your game as each ‘hole’ calls for different kinds of ‘swings’. Using the right golf club is important as the fate of your ball depends on what you use.

With the right golf club, your chances of committing irreparable errors are minimized. A new type of golf club, the hybrids, is now a favorite as it produces higher shots with greater control and accuracy. Newbies need not buy golf clubs as these can be rented out from the golf country clubs.

2. Golf balls –

Another obvious necessity as you can’t play golf without it (simply swinging the club is no fun). It is better to have a considerable amount of golf balls as these may easily be lost. Golf balls are not ordinary spheres made of whatever material.

At present, it is made of a solid compressed synthetic rubber with hundreds of surface indentations. These indentations actually aid the flight of the ball.

3. Golf tees –

These are usually disposable devices, normally a wooden peg, on which the ball is placed for driving. Some prefer to have their own personal tees, which aren’t disposable.

Usually, these are brightly colored ones so that they will be easy to find on the greens. Some are even designed in order to improve your swing.

4. Golf shoes –

Since the carpet is extra sensitive to dents, and you have to be extra careful of the dirt or mud, golf shoes are slowly becoming a requirement in golf courses.

Golf shoes, like any other athletic shoes, have been carefully designed to provide maximum support in the golf course. You can either go for the spikes or the ones without spikes.

5. Scorecard –

Usually, you can have a pen and paper on hand and do the old fashioned way of keeping score. However, you can also go to the latest digital scorecard.

It’s compact and very convenient. A digital scorecard usually records 18 holes for up to four players.

6. Golf bag –

A customized and really big bag to put in all the equipment you need for golf. Golf bags with loads of pockets are popular ones.

7. Golf umbrella –

Golf umbrellas are not only big, they’re windproof too. These have aerodynamic vents that allow wind to pass through.

And obviously, it keeps you dry whether there are light rain showers or heavy downpours. It also keeps companions or spectators out of the glaring sun.

Once you have procured these items, it’s time to play golf and enjoy the day the way it is meant to be savored!

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