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Start Thinking Outside The Desktop

Information is king. It is what drives the Internet. People have discovered that they can turn to the Internet for answers to questions and solutions to problems.

Websites are the most common source of these answers. But sometimes the answers or solutions cannot be found on a website.

In those cases, they may have to purchase and download an e-Book. These are often in a pdf or excel file format that requires the reader to sit in front of their desktop or laptop computer to read it.

If the reader has been working at a computer all day, they find little pleasure in facing a computer screen to read an e-Book.

An increasing number of people carry a PDA (Pocket Digital Assistant) around in their pocket or purse.

These handheld size computers were intended to serve as organizers for their schedules and contacts.

Another purpose for these Pocket PCs or Palms has been discovered. That is as e-Book readers.

Commuters to work on light rail or BART trains are seen intensely reading something from the screens of their pocket size computers.

In most cases, they are reading e-Books. They may be carrying dozens of full size books in their shirt pocket.

There has been an explosion of books digitalized for reading on these devices. Most are either old classics no longer under the copyright or bestsellers that may cost 80% of their printed versions.

There is a void of e-Books in the area of self-help, business, hobbies, and health available. This is where the InfoGoRound content is perfect.

Rather than try to compete with others who are converting this content to pdf files for the desktop, the marketplace is wide open for this content to be made available for the pocket-size computers.

How can you convert a RTF file to be read on one of these devices? First you need to decide which type of pocket size device you want to aim for.

The Pocket PCs come with Microsoft Reader, an excellent eBook reader. This requires the .lit file format.

The Palms can use several readers, the eReader is excellent and they have their own eBook Studio that creates their required format.

An excellent converter is the Text Converter from ABC Amber Conversion software that will convert RTF to .lit, .pdf, html, and several other files types, even one for the Blackberry.

You will be doing a huge portion of our population a big favor if you convert the InfoGoRound content for these pocket-size computers.

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