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Stimulate Neuro-Development With Brain Wave Technology

Nobel Prize and Pulitzer winners, geniuses, art and musical prodigies; these are the people that intrigue neurologists and scientists the most.

How were these people able to come up with their breakthrough discoveries? Why can they play the piano or the violin faster, more precise and with such intensity at a very young age?

Why can they string together sets of words that can kick straight into the gut or touch the heart?

For some scientists, the answer lies in brain waves. They say, if only man can manipulate or control his brain wave, he can develop his brain into something exceptional; he could even be one of the most gifted persons that ever lived. How is this possible?

With the birth of EEG or electroencephalogram, neurologists have learned that our brain is like an electric circuit with chemical components, complete with electricity and measurable voltage outputs.

EEG has the ability to measure the electrical activity and pulses of the brain and shows differing brain wave patterns for various mental and physical activities.

During sleeping and waking hours, our brain wave patterns differ. When we are fully awake, our brain wave is said to be in . When we sit down after a hard days work, our brain wave shifts from  to Alpha.

When we are in our most relaxed state, it is said that our brain waves frequency goes down some notches from Alpha and moves to Theta, more known as the meditative state of consciousness where every creative and sublime work of art is said to be conceived.

On the other hand, Delta is the lowest level of brain wave frequency that occurs during deep sleep.

These brain wave activities occur naturally. However, what separates geniuses and artists from average people is the ability of their brains to experience specific brain waves at their highest or lowest frequencies in numerous amounts within the day.

Some scientists believe that the highest frequency of the wave, at 40 HZ, puts a man into his peak of concentration.

During this stage also, his vision is at its sharpest and awareness to small details are heightened. It is believed that it is within this brain wave level that greatest scientific discoveries have been conceived.

On the other hand, people with prodigious art skills are said to be gifted with the ability to retain consciousness while going in and out of the lowest frequency of Theta stage, at 4 HZ, the creative dreamworld.

Advocates of brain wave technology believe that every man can have his bouts of Eureka or be able to pen his sonnet at par with that of Shakespeare if only he can manipulate or control his brain wave to behave at highest or lowest Theta.

This can be done by synchronizing brain waves with binaural beats or low-frequency audio beats that only the brain can hear.

When these binaural beats are played over and over, the brain will pick up the rhythm and thus follow the rhythmic pattern of the beat.

So, if the binaural beat has the rhythm of highest, the rhythm will resonate in the brain and the brain will synchronize itself with the beating.

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