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Streaming Video Technology

What is Streaming Video Technology?

Streaming video is the transfer of digital media that is received as a continuous real-time stream over the Internet.

Streamed video (including audio and possibly data) is transmitted from a streaming server and received and displayed in real time on the receiver’s computer; unlike video downloads, where the file has to be transferred to the receiver’s computer before being watched.

The Internet is rapidly spreading the use of streaming multimedia, no longer is it about being able to video download and listen to audio streaming, the technology has moved on before our eyes to deliver video streaming.

From marketing tools to movie clips, from online infomercials to streaming TV and live webcasting, like it or not, we will all have to embrace this technology or else our sites will become extinct and our communication message lost to antiquity.

The first true video search engine, Google Video, shows that this streaming video technology is becoming part of the day to day Internet experience for millions and millions of people, hence the Google take over of the widely used YouTube.

YouTube was founded in February 2005 as a means for people to watch and share original video. Within two years it has grown into a site where more than 70 million videos are watched daily.

Most experts agree that the world is rapidly moving to the point of true convergence between the Internet, television, and telephone systems that will provide one single service or application for a truly multimedia World.

‘Uses of Digital Media’ a report by Aberdeen/, found that in the United States 2 billion was being spent on streaming media technologies and that this is projected to grow to 12 billion per annum over the next few years.

Today the Internet is the fastest-growing marketplace and video is the most effective form of communication on the information superhighway.

The Internet has become the place to communicate with each other and the main medium for finding information.

Video streaming brings a whole new dimension to this experience for everyone, be they business people negotiating a deal, friends and family keeping in touch with their loved ones, or people sharing a common interest or hobby seeing each other for the first time.

To fuel this momentum people online need fully integrated video streaming products for their communications and this technology is available now, ranging from video email, video instant messaging and even live webcasting and streaming TV.

Streaming video is the online future and, at the present moment, provides an opportunity to anyone who wants to be ahead of the rest.

One can help to fill this void and earn whilst doing so, either by having an advanced web site that uses streaming video over the Internet to gain people’s attention and increasing the likelihood that the message will be acted upon and remembered; or by supplying access to the products and technologies that everyone will want to use.

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