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Stress Reduction Through Traditional Therapies

Traditional methods like yoga, acupressure and body massages have been used for ages to relieve people of stress. These methods provide a more holistic form of treatment and do not produce side effects.

Almost all traditional therapies follow the same principles. They believe that stress is caused when the energy channels of the body are blocked. This results in accumulation of toxins and waste materials in the body. 

Negative energy also impedes the normal functioning of the brain and other organ systems leading to various ailments. These ailments can affect a person physically, emotionally, mentally, and spiritually.

The earliest known therapy to combat stress and its related disorders was massage.  This science has its origins in India and is now being used worldwide to treat stress. 

The practitioner uses his fingertips to slowly work over the tired and fatigued body tissues.  With the application of gentle yet firm pressure, the practitioner is able to free a lot of waste products.

The amount of blood circulation in the body improves over a period of time. Lactic acid accumulated in the muscles and stale carbon dioxide is drained from the body. 

There is a boost in the immunity levels as well as the general working of the organ systems. Hypertension is greatly reduced. The skin and muscle tone also improves.

Regular sessions enhance the feeling of well being and fill you with positive energy. It is apt to say that your mind and body are completely rejuvenated at the end of each massage session. 

The correct amount of tactile pressure applied to the body is the key to massage. Excess pressure can cause more damage. Other than the common body massage other specialized forms have also been developed.

You can choose a massage that suits your need the best. However, the working principle is the same.

Our body is networked with meridians or energy channels. When the flow of energy in the meridians is disrupted or blocked an individual is likely to suffer from stress related problems.

These can range from mild problems like anxiety, head and backaches, fatigue, and nausea. You can also suffer from symptoms like depression, chronic health problems like cardiac and pulmonary disorders, or neural disorders. 

Acupressure aims at unblocking these energy channels by applying gentle pressure at the nerve points or energy centers. These energy centers regulate the energy flow and are located all over the body.

By acupressure negative energy is replaced with positive energy. The person feels more secure and confident about his skills and the surrounding environment. Most of the stress related problems can also be cured.

Acupuncture is based on the same principle as massage except that instead of manual pressure needles are inserted into energy centers to relieve a person of stress.

The best thing about these treatments is the fact that you can practice them anywhere and at any time. There are no side effects associated with the therapy. The only thing to remember is to get the therapy done by experienced practitioners.

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