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Support Groups For Acne Sufferers

Even though acne sufferers know that their friends also suffer from acne, it still sometimes makes them feel isolated and alone.

The unsightly zits that pop up when they are least wanted, like just before a hot date can cause extreme despair and frustration.

Worse still is that the lack of self-esteem many adolescents suffer from is often made worse by what they see in the mirror during an acne attack.

There may be worse cases of acne, but for the sufferer, theirs is always the worst. If your teen suffers from the moodiness and despair brought on by acne, it might be a good idea to allow them to find an acne support group.

These days, this would usually be an online forum where teens can post questions about treatment and the likely duration of their acne and get quick answers from one or more specialists in the field.

It could be a chat room where they could make friends with other suffers and find out for sure that they are not only not the only ones to suffer from acne, but that others also feel the same way about it as they do.

Make sure that you find the right one for your child. It doesn’t pay to be casual about chat rooms because you don’t know who is likely to be lurking there, but if you can get in first and check out that the site is of good reputation, it will ease your mind and keep your child safe.

A quick search on Google will bring up many acne sites and most of them seem to have helpful advice, even if it is aimed at eventually selling their product.

But if you choose one with .org after the address, you will know that this means it is a non-profit organization, and so they will not be giving advice simply to sell a product. is one such site. You can join up for free to receive their weekly newsletter on controlling the dreaded zit, or can even do an e-course on acne control.

Acne Support Group typed into Google will bring up a registered charity (No. 1026654) where teens or anyone can email their question about acne and get a sensible reply, either by a cosmetic or beauty consultant who is trained in acne problems.

When finding acne sites, just make sure they are not in another country, because some acne treatments are not available in all countries.

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