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Swimming Equipment- What You Need To Buy

Do you think that your neighbours just jump into the swimming pool without realizing the full fitness potential of their pool sessions? You might be right. But don’t you do that!

Hence, we have listed a few items that not only make swimming more enjoyable, but also maximize its fitness benefits.

a) You must have a good pair of goggles or a swim mask.

Because there are lots of chemicals used in the pool and goggles protect your eyes from them.

When you buy the goggles, check that:

i) the goggles do not cut into your eyes or sockets or leave any red marks and the mask does not press too firmly on the brow or the bridge of the nose

ii) the goggles seal your face against water

iii) whether you are comfortable with the amount of visibility.

b) Always use a kickboard because it can help you enhance your fitness in the water and it can be used in performing various activities

c) Always use a snorkel during your swim workout so that you can save your neck and back from the strains caused by repetitious side-to-side head movements.

Some snorkels nowadays help the users to listen to their favorite radio stations while swimming!

d) Swim paddles, swim gloves and fins are accessories that increase strength and endurance.

Paddles and gloves help improve swimming techniques and also develop the strength of your upper body.

The fins help you develop good stroke techniques. Therefore, they are good for fun as well as training, not that the two need to be mutually exclusive!

e) You will need a lot of energy to regulate your body temperature, which contributes to dehydration, loss of energy and fatigue.

Believe it or not, the body loses heat about 25 times faster than normal in water. Therefore, a lengthy swimming session may well cause cramps and fatigue.

So, you should use thermal protection, ideally wearing a suit that is designed for swimming to maximize the benefits of your swimming session.

f) The flags are needed particularly when you are swimming backstroke so that you can be aware of your distance from the end of the pool for a turn or finish.

g) You can also get a chamois, which can be used in conjunction with a towel. Some swimmers also use nose clips, especially those who take in water through their nostrils when performing turns.

h) Pull buoys help maintain buoyancy and develop upper body movement.

i) When swimming, you should always wear caps, and not just when competing in the Olympics!

A caps main advantage is that makes for better aerodynamics and keeps the hair out of your eyes, not an insignificant problem while swimming.

j) Finally, keep a clean towel with you at all times. See? We left the most important point for last. Only kidding!

Now, you have a fair idea about the swimming equipment you need to make your swimming sessions far more exciting, what are you waiting for?

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