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Techniques For Tuning Your Brain To Certain Frequencies

As we learn more about the varying brain wave patterns that we experience during the day and even when we are sleeping, science has helped us to identify activities that help us to stimulate and engage in one type of brainwave activity or another.

Here are a few examples of how you can tune your brain to certain frequencies in times when you need to make a change.

The use of music to enter into various modes of brainwave activity has been tested and proven to the satisfaction of a great many people.

Often associated with the use of classical pieces of music, the main component that seems to help an individual into Alpha and Theta states has to do with the calming nature of the music.

Free from percussion and other instruments that are used with music that tends to require a repetitive beat, the music lulls one into a more relaxed mode. Many people will use this technique of listening to music as a way to relax for a time.

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However, some persons who experience insomnia have been able to use this type of music therapy to slip right past a Theta state and drift off into sleep.

At the other end of the spectrum, music therapy has also been used to help slow starters get going in the morning.

For someone who cannot stand to be jarred into a Beta state by a loud alarm clock, the music may begin with something soothing. Gradually it moves into selections that are more a contemporary beat.

This succession of music styles may help to rouse an individual from a Delta state to Theta, then Alpha and finally Beta activity, without feeling ripped apart.

Meditation also can help tune the brain into a different frequency. The centering down involved in meditation helps to free the mind from attempting to deal with multiple tasks, which results in the ability to achieve an Alpha state.

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In like manner, yoga has been effective in helping persons to move outside the cares of daily life and allow the mind to be open to absorbing new information even as it helps both the body and the mind to rest.

Just about any activity that helps to eliminate stress helps to tune the brain into one frequency or another. Soaking in a bathtub may have as much effect in inducing an Alpha state, as does a flotation device. Listening to tapes of nature sounds can often help persons to escape the stress and relax.

Even the simple act of stretching out on the sofa while leaving the television off can help the body and mind to calm down and bring on relief from being in Beta mode all day. 

There are some excellent books on the market that will help teach you more about these types of activities that help manage stress and allow you to tune your brain into different frequencies.

Check out these books at your local library or bookstore. Chances are you will find several techniques that will be perfect for your situation, and you will soon be able to enjoy the restful states that have been eluding you lately.

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