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Ten Unconventional Golfing Tips To Improve Your Game

Golf is a sport like none other. It requires the perfect fusion of the physical as well as the mental. It is true that golf is as much a game of the mind as it is a game for the body.

You won’t only have to train your body a variety of skills necessary for success in this sport, you would also have to train your mind how to deal with the numerous conditions it will have to endure.

As such, golf has developed its own set of written and unwritten rules, with the latter taking precedence most of the time.

Proper etiquette is required here, and a code of conduct is always observed. Golf has also developed its own brotherhood of sorts, to preserve these rules and assure that they are followed.

Any player who disregards the rules, both written and unwritten is considered as an aberration who is not worthy of this regal sport.

If you want to improve your game, you would have to master both sets of rules and the manner by which your mind and your body would deal with them.

Also, you would have to throw away some false conventions about the game that has been fostered throughout the years.

Here are ten unconventional tips that would help you succeed in this sport.

  1. Practice your swing focusing only on one hand.

Never switch this focus. Work with your strength rather than your flexibility. Golf is more about what is certain rather than versatility.

2. You don’t need to bring countless clubs with you.

Stick with those that work, so you would be able to familiarize yourself with them better.

3. Pay close attention to the design of your clubs.

Their design is what will ensure that you would be able to loft the ball in the manner which you desire.

4. Envision the shot before choosing the iron.

The shot you have in mind should dictate the choice of club and not the other way around.

5. When practicing, focus on the shots that would affect the score.

You don’t need to put on a show. Golf is never a spectators’ sport, though there are times when the crowd does play a role in the outcome of the game.

Generally, however, it’s just you and the ball, so practice the shots that work.

6. Hands are always on top of the ball. The Head is always behind the ball.

Do not forget this fundamental rule. On every shot, you must keep your head behind the ball, and hands-on top of the ball to enable you to hit it higher and farther.

7. Learn proper dressing to boost your confidence in the greens.

It is always better to dress well without making a fool of yourself by taking the game way too seriously, rather than dressing like a jester and taking the game out of context.

8. It’s never a matter of how far the ball is from the tee hole.

It’s always a matter of how far the ball is from your comfort zone. Your comfort zone is the position in the course which you are most familiar with.

It is that place where you know you have the best chance of making the ball fall.

9. Complicating things is the enemy of a great golf game.

Keep things simple. Golf is meant to be that way. Do not make matters complex by trying out a variety of unnecessary shots. Just hit the ball in such a way that it would touch the green and eventually fall in the hole.

10. Success in this sport is determined by what is not played just as much as what is actually played.

The processes behind the game of golf are just as important as the actual processes that are visible in the course.

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