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The Caliber Of Calcium! Also A Part Of Superfood

You just can’t do without calcium at every stage of your life. Kids need it for their growth. During the prime time of life, calcium keeps you steady in the flow of progress.

And when you reach the final stage of life covering all your responsibilities, calcium still supports you and your weakening bones to keep you lively, active, and fresh as always.

Calcium has the capacity of keeping you evergreen. Thus nutritionists dealing with superfood couldn’t keep it apart. Rather they have formulated a means of fulfilling the calcium requirement in a superfood way.

Calcium calls for the fulfillment of the basic need

  • How is your heartbeat regulated?

The seventy-two pulse counts per minute divided into the systolic and diastolic movements require a vital mineral for the regulation. And that mineral is none other than the calcium.

  • Calcium is the key to transmit the nerve impulses from the main organs of the nervous system, the brain and the spinal cord to the other senses and organs.

For every action to be performed the communication and the exchange of nerve impulses are mandatory.

And these are being promoted by calcium in your body. One thing you must have noticed when you lose your appetite or cannot really perform with active potentiality, in some way or the other, there is a calcium deficit.

The importance of calcium being a major mineral in the super-food family can be rightly justified.

  • Much of calcium comes from milk and milk products.

Yogurt is an extremely good superfood and a rich source of calcium. Milk for children is a must but for the adults, it is better to meet the need with milk products like yogurt.

  • Cereals have a large amount of calcium.

If you eat bread prepared from whole grains of wheat or start feeding on barley seeds, you will be supplied with not less than 300 mg of calcium per 100 grams of the edible food.

Cereal bars can take the level of calcium to the highest around 870 mg per 100 grams. Cereals are best for breakfasts and suppers.

  • Both the blood and heart have close relations with calcium.

It plays a major role in the process of blood clotting when blood comes out of the body, as well as, in cases of internal hemorrhages.

It is also a regulator of blood pressure. Patients of high blood pressure require more calcium to nullify the level.

  • How can you forget about bones and muscles?

These are the major organs, which need calcium for growth. Children are also given calcium supplements for making their bones strong.

And women in their late forties must include a regular dose of calcium via superfoods in their diet. Their bones won’t be made stronger but they can sustain the present strength of the bones and muscles even during the aging process.

Calcium also helps shape the quality of life. Your mental state is quite dependable on your physical state.

If you feel drained & drowsy all day, how can you expect to stay mentally alert? Enough calcium in the body can keep you in high spirits and won’t allow frustration and anxiety to cloud your mind.

Half of your problems are solved if you are free from any type of tension. And a proper diet can provide you with this boost.

So stay fit and happy with super-foods and the added benefit of calcium provided by them.

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