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The Different Styles And Choices Amongst Women’s Designer Jeans

When women buy designer jeans they are making a statement, they are choosing a specific style with which they want to be associated.

It is therefore important to select a style, which is cut for your body type, as each designer jean revolves around a certain cut and style, so make sure you find the designer style that suits you.

There is such a variety of options in designer jeans that it can be quite hard to choose; just think that there are over 20,000 different alternatives for jeans and the choice is rendered all the more difficult for there is no clear classification system for these variants.

Some manufacturers confuse the fit, leg cut, rise, and other features, this only makes matters worse if you need to choose the most suitable for your figure.

The market of designer jeans is forever expanding with new choices cropping up each year, so it is difficult to select from such a wide range of options.

Generally, though, jeans are divided into six major categories, which can help you decide what to look for.

There are usually four different fits, six-leg styles, ten different color washes, six waist types, three pocket types, and five denim options.

With these in mind, choose the fits that complement your figure and then look for the designer that has this style and cut.

It is also true that these cuts and styles may vary with the current fashion and trends as well as the public the jeans are aimed at; be it teenagers, juniors, outdoor or urban.

But overall if you stick to the various categories and cuts you may find the perfect designer jeans for you.

The different variety of cuts are the fits, which indicate how tightly and close to the skin the jeans should be worn; the cuts, which refer to the actual shape of the jeans, be it leg, waist and pocket types.

The washes and finishes, which can result in an overall look of worn or softer fabric; the fabric options, which refer to the different weaves, weights, and compositions of the fabric and finally the decorations, which may include embroidery, rhinestones and other embellishments.

When choosing amongst these alternatives you may create a specific style. While some styles are only fashionable for a determined period, others remain classical and can be worn all the time.

The most fashionable at the moment are definitely low-rise jeans and can be classified into different variations.

They come in tight fits, the cut is usually slightly flared with a low or extra-low waist, five pockets and can come with belts.

These styles are usually pre-washed for a used look and the fabric varies, as does the decoration option.

You will also find the sixties styles referred to as hip-huggers, which is practically the same style as today’s low rise jeans, with the difference that the flares at the legs are much more accentuated, referred to as bell bottoms and can be also loose fitting as well as tight.

So, in general, even if the fashion trend is clearly defined there can be many variations, this clearly depends on each designer’s interpretation and taste.

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