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The Importance and Usage of Inflection in Public Speaking

The secret behind the success of a winning public speaker is the degree of communication that he is able to build up between him and the audience.

If you are preparing for a presentation, you should work on some of your skills as well as on certain traits of your personality. This task of preparing and improving yourself is actually quite simple.

The practice and homework makes the public speaker emerge as energetic and more communicative with his audience.

The success of public speaking lies in the speaker’s ability to start a conversation with your audience, as opposed to delivering a flat monologue.

Not only a well-researched and finely written speech can make you an admired public speaker, to be communicative you have to learn how to improve on all your physical aspects including your body language and your voice.

Your voice is a crucial aspect of your total presentation. Speaking before a group of individuals through the microphone is altogether a different experience that speaking casually in a room.

While speaking for the audience you have a purpose and that is to get across certain messages to them and it is your voice that helps your statement to reach out to the listeners.

The volume and tone of your voice are crucial in the way you are presenting your views before the audience. The inflection of the voice is important in a similar manner.

The inflection or modulation in your voice adds drama to your speaking. It helps to present your speech in a more interesting way. When you use inflection, the changes in your tones also help you to express your views in a more expressive way.

With the right doses of variations in your intonations you can stress on certain phrases, stretch out some of the words or pause and take breath before pronouncing any specific word.

As for example it will be more meaningful if you pronounce the word far in this way, f- – -a-r away than simply pronouncing it as far away.

These inflections and voice modulations help to uphold your viewpoint more efficiently. These fluctuations in tone break the monotony of a ling speech.

There are certain basic rules for using this tool of inflection in a proper way. First of all, your voice should be loud enough to reach out to the last row of the audience and divided by adequate pauses so that everybody can follow what you are saying.

At the same time it should be deliberative. You should generally maintain a soft but formal conversational tone.

According to experts a speaker should always start with a slightly lower than normal voice inflection. Too high a voice inflection at very starting makes your tone sound querulous.

Then if you attain the highest pitch at the very beginning then it will be not possible for you to modulate your voice at the moments of uttering something exciting. So the basic rule is to start your lecture in a low voice.

Thus, your voice inflection helps to create an impression about you in the minds of the audience and determines your class as a speaker.

However if you are not so confident of your voice, then you can consider the following tips to get your voice ready for a public presentation.

First of all you have to practice breath control and develop a habit to avoid from upper throat. According to experts it is helpful to consume something before a delivery.

But refrain from dairy products as it leads to coagulation around vocal chords that will make you clear your throat repetitively.

It is always helpful to record your entire speech and hear it to locate the problematic areas of your voice throw. Practicing loudly in front of a mirror is even more effective.

Also practice stretching your voice and try to reach your voice to the end of a big room. In spite of having a microphone, this naturally powerful voice creates a greater impact.

Deep breathing is generally a very good exercise if you want to improve on your voice inflection.

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