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The Joy Of Golfing

Contrary to what many may believe, golfing is a sport that could trace its roots during the most primitive of ages.

Indeed, during the early stages of homo sapiens’ evolution, cavemen used to hit some rocks with their spears in a wide expanse of grassland.

The winner is the competitor who could hit his rock the farthest. Of course, they never shouted ‘fore!’ nor did they keep scores with terms like ‘eagles’ and ‘birdies.’

Throughout the years, golf has developed into a gentleman’s sport, to the point that its elegance and class has made this passion an extension of the boardroom.

There’s something about calculating the different aspects of the game in your mind, and executing the same through a wide range of ‘weapons’ for the task.

It’s the perfect fusion of mental and physical dexterity, and it is both a relaxing and rewarding activity.

But not all people understand why so many enthusiasts are passionate about this sport. Little do they know the many joys that can be had from golf.

Let’s take a look at some of the delights that golfing can bring.

– Golf is a game that requires skills, mental alertness, and etiquette.

It’s the perfect complement for the person who enjoys the challenges of work and the invigorating benefits of leisure.

– Golf, regardless of what they say, is best played with someone else.

It is meant as a social sport, despite allowing people to play it alone. Golf gives people the opportunity to interact with one another in an environment that is relaxing and stimulating at the same time.

– Golf, as we have mentioned earlier, is a gentleman’s sport.

Those who play this game are bound by certain rules of etiquette that even extends to the way they should dress while in the playing field.

As such, it becomes a venue for businessmen to enrich themselves in the company of each other, not just with matters about the sport, but with anything and everything they would choose to tackle.

– Golf is as much a mental sport as chess, though this may not be readily apparent.

Golf is not just a matter of hitting the ball with an iron, it’s a matter of calculating the force that is needed, the trajectory that should be taken, the iron that should be used, and the outside factors that are currently prevailing in the playing field.

Such calculations require a good grasp of the mechanics of the game as well as some applicable knowledge in mathematics and physics.

– The sport of golf actually involves two disciples.

The first involves driving, that is, hitting the ball with the iron with enough strength and direction to bring the ball as close to the tee as possible.

The second involves putting, that is, hitting the ball in the green in such a way that it would roll properly towards the tee hole.

These two disciplines make golf a multidimensional sport. Driving and putting are two different skills that require some degree of mastery to be successful in this sport.

– Golf is a great reason to visit the most beautiful places in the world.

Famous tourist destinations have great golf courses to better attract visitors. If you’re not playing in the green, you could tour the place and enjoy the culture, the sights, and the sounds it could offer.

With all these delights that golfing can bring, it’s no wonder why so many people are addicted to the sport.

If you haven’t tried golfing before, do consider giving it a shot. Who knows? You might even occupy your weekends with regular visits to the nearest golf course. Yes. The sport is engaging!

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