Friday, September 24, 2021

The Life And Death Theory

A 17-year-old teenager who is traveling at a high rate of speed loses control of his vehicle. The vehicle enters the ditch where it tumbles end for end seven times then rolls over sideways another nine times before it comes to rest on its undercarriage. The car itself looks like it has been put in a car crusher. The driver crawls out with a cut on his forehead that is fixed with a small band-aid.

A healthy six-month-old baby boy lays down for an afternoon nap and never wakes up. Cause of death is diagnosed as Sudden Infant Death Syndrome (SIDS). Doctors don’t know what causes it, but it is prevalent enough that they have given it a name.

A private plane is running low on fuel. Inside are two male occupants. They attempt a night landing at a small grass airstrip on the outskirts of a prairie town. In the dark, they do not see the power line paralleling the road at the east end of the airstrip. The wheels of the plane catch the top wire of the power line, flipping the plane nose first into the ground.

The impact buries the nose of the plane into the ground up to the windshield and the motor into the cabin between the two occupants. They both walk into town with minor cuts and bruises.

A healthy 27-year-old woman accompanies her husband to a friend’s funeral. At the service she becomes quite emotional and has to leave. Upon arrival at home, she sits down on a pile of pillows on the floor in front of a newly lighted fireplace.

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Her husband goes into the kitchen to make her a cup of tea.He returns a few minutes later with the tea to find her slumped over on the pillows. He goes to rouse her and to his horror finds her dead. The autopsy revealed that she died of natural causes.

By now, you are probably wondering what all of these survival/death stories are all about. They are being presented to you to prove a theory.

The theory states that at the moment of conception, each soon to be life is assigned a specific amount of time to be here on earth. Nothing else explains why some people live to be more than 100 years old and others die at an early age.

Scientists and medical specialists point to statistics and say that they prove that so many out of one thousand people will catch this disease or that disease or die of this kind of accident or that kind or accident or be murdered or suffer some other deadly fate.

They may be right, but they still can’t explain why apparently healthy people suddenly suffer massive life ending heart attacks or strokes when there is nothing in their physiology suggesting that they had any sign of disease in their body.

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They also can’t explain why a hard-working male who smoked and drank liquor lived to be 104 years old. Or why a healthy young runner had his heart explode in mid-stride.

When asked about the healthy two-year-old girl that died in her sleep and had just been subjected to a full autopsy, they could only conclude that she must have died of something that hasn’t been discovered yet.

When asked about the theory, they just said, “We don’t talk about those sorts of things.”

What do you think? Was your time here set when you were conceived?

If it was, you must work hard on fulfilling your goals and dreams as quickly as you can. “Why” you ask? Because tomorrow, you will be one day closer to not being here and you can never get that time back. Every minute is precious. Don’t waste a second of them!

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