The Secret To Achieving Complete Happiness Instantly – Part 1


The very title of this article seems more than a little strange, does it not? A little crazy. An ambitious goal so far beyond the possibility that it seems laughable. Instantly achieve happiness? Seems to be completely unattainable; absolutely unachievable.

This seems to be impossible because, based on our past experience, we simply do not believe we can really achieve a state of COMPLETE happiness and joy, let alone achieve it RIGHT NOW! But, as you shall see, I will shortly begin to prove it.

There are thousands upon thousands of systems, methods and techniques for achieving happiness and joy. However, at the core of each and every single one of these thousands of methodologies is a single, simple idea. Learn this one simple idea and you may well save yourself decades of effort and struggle. Learn this one idea and your search for the secret to having what you desire is over. You will need to keep an open mind for a moment. I shall begin by making a very broad and general statement:

A human being is capable of only so many things. A human can:





Make Decisions


These broad categories cover the entire spectrum of human experience.

Now a question.  What is it that causes unhappiness? (Remember to keep an open mind now).

Unhappiness seems to be caused by many different factors, all of which must fit into one of the above categories. We may be unhappy because we have acted improperly. We may be having problems in regards to communicating with others. We experience any number of difficulties in regards to our feelings.

Our beliefs about anything in the world can certainly cause us to be unhappy. We often regret decisions we have made at some point in the past and they return to haunt us. And our thinking patterns certainly cause each and every one of us a great deal of grief.

That being said, here is another question: What do every single one of the above problems (and any others you may wish to add) have in common? What is the key element? What is the secret?

The answer is (drum roll, please).  . . .

Your thoughts.

Your actions, be they good or bad, are created by your thoughts.

Your words and all forms of communication stem from your thoughts.

Your feelings are the direct result of your thoughts.

Your beliefs are created and then reinforced by your thoughts.

Your decisions are the children of your thoughts.

In short, everything you experience is the result of your thoughts, good or bad, correct or incorrect. There is no secret in this.

This theory, silly as it may appear when directly verbalized, it the key to unlocking the state of absolute happiness and joy right now, this very moment.

For, if you could control your thoughts, your actions would follow. You would never again do something you did not really want to do.

If you could control your thoughts, you would immediately bring all your feelings under control. You would never feel bad again.

If you could control your thoughts, your entire belief structure could be changed, if you wished.

If you could control your thoughts, you would most certainly make better decisions.

If you could control your thoughts, you would control and greatly improve your communications in whatever way you might wish.

In short, everything you think, say, do, feel, believe and decide could change, if you desired any change at all. If you control your thoughts, you control your experience of the world.

This seems ridiculously simple, does it not? Simply control your thoughts and you will experience a state of unending, total bliss. Not difficult to understand at all, is it?

Nobody wishes to be unhappy. Yet a very large percentage of us are unhappy. Why is this? If we do NOT desire to be unhappy, and yet we ARE unhappy, how can this possibly be?

It is because we BELIEVE we CANNOT control our own thoughts.

These undesirable thoughts seem to come at us against our will; just pop into our minds unwanted. Anger and grief and depressive thoughts occur without warning seemingly out of nowhere. Hatred, jealousy and fear dog us day after day. Disappointment. Insecurity Greed. Thoughts of attack. Thoughts of addiction. On and on and on the never-ending list goes, causing us to say, do, think, feel, believe and decide what we do NOT wish to say, do, think, feel, believe and decide, seemingly against our own very will.

We seem to be at the mercy of a malevolent force we cannot control.

We do not seem to be able to control our own minds. Our minds seem to control us.

This is insanity. However, in this simple theory lies the secret to unlocking every single thing you have ever desired. In this seemingly silly idea lies the answer to creating the life you wish to create.

The absolute control of thought CAN be achieved. It can be accomplished, regardless of the belief to the contrary. It is not as difficult as one might believe. This CAN be learned by anyone willing to make the effort, and it can happen almost immediately.

Think for a moment about how this would feel. Really try to imagine what your life would be like if you never, EVER experienced another negative thought. Pretend for a moment. Try to envision a life in which you experience ONLY what you wish to experience. Can this happen?


How is this achieved? That will be the subject of Part Two of this article.