The Truth Behind Vitamin Supplements

The Truth Behind Vitamin Supplements
The Truth Behind Vitamin Supplements

The results of an eight-year study involving more than 160 thousand American women of all ethnic groups, proved that those extremely popular multivitamin supplements, which are regularly taken by a large number of Americans, are of no use against heart diseases or cancer.

The women involved in the research were in their menopausal age, and took these supplements regularly throughout the eight-year period, in order to determine if these supplements did indeed help curb the development of heart disease, cancer, or bone health.

It was found that those taking multivitamin supplements did not have a lower risk of developing cancer of the kidneys, breast, ovarian, or endometrical cancer, neither did they help prevent blood clots, heart attacks, or strokes.

The only positive results were found in women taking supplements that had higher vitamin B and C dosages, who were less susceptible to heart attacks.

The results of this research proved without a doubt that the use of multivitamin supplements will in no way help lower risks of cancer and any other heart-related disease.

These supplements can be given to people who have a deficiency in certain vitamins or minerals, due to an imbalance in their diet, and only, in this case, will be of tangible benefit.

However, although they can be purchased without a prescription, this does not mean that they may be taken systematically, for overdoses can be damaging to the metabolism.