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Top Five Romantic Spots In The World

So you are going to get married shortly? Well, a part of your wedding planning must include the planning for your honeymoon too.

Traditionally the first journey of the couples together after marriage, honeymoon marks the beginning in the art of sharing and caring.

And the learning process demands the sharing of some intimate moments in complete privacy.

If you complete all your planning prior to the wedding, then you will not have to wait for anything else and can just head off to your selected destination just after the wedding celebration is over.

It is easy to dream about a wonderful and romantic honeymoon, but in reality, finding the destination is a task that throws you into great dilemma.

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Most of the couples wreck the world atlas in search of a suitable honeymoon destination. You can take the help of travel agents and tour operators who will help you to narrow down on some of the most romantic spots of the world.

But it is ultimately your task to make a decision about the destination where you will head off to spend the most romantic vacation o your life.

As it is really a confusing task to zero on a particular place in the whole world to choose your dream destination, you can apply the logic of elimination to make the choice.

Just discuss between yourselves, what ingredients you think to make for the perfect honeymoon and assess which of the destinations can offer those elements in one to provide you the dream honeymoon of what you always longed for.

First think of the type of the locale that both of you like most. As for example, if you fiancé loves sea beaches but it is the lofty mountains that appeal you most, then try to find out a locale where you get the simultaneous presence of both sea and mountains.

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Then at the time of choosing the locale, take the climate into consideration; either very hot or humid or too chilly both types of weather can spoil your romantic mood.

The next important thing is the consideration of budget. If you do not have such budgetary restrictions as such, do not settle any lesser that the most luxurious vacation in some of the most exotic places of the world.

But for those, who are not so lucky in the monetary matters, may look for some romantic places near home. This will cut on your expenses on the journey and you can spend the money on other aspects to have a warm and comfortable honeymoon.

To make your task easier, here we offer the description of top five alluring spots of the world, which have been renowned for long, for their romantic ambience and attracted love struck couples from all corners of the globe.

We hope you hit upon your dream honeymoon destination from one of them.

The Bahamas

If you want to roam on miles of pristine beaches with your life partner by your side, and share the excitement of exploring the virgin nature lying in the lap of mountains with tucked in waterfalls, you should consider this paradise island as your honeymoon destination.


Another dream destination of the newly wed couples who just love to get soaked in the glowing sun lying idle in the white beaches or marveling through the greenery of this island that will surely take you to the seventh heaven and make you return every year for a rejuvenating experience.


Visit this part of the world, which with its alluring natural beauty and pieces of history, will give you a fairy tale like experience and while visiting some of its centuries old castles with your husband by your side, you will get the feel of being a princess who has just met the prince of her dream.

Bali, Indonesia

Want an exotic experience, but at a restricted budget! Then why not opt for an Oriental experience and the island country of Bali in Indonesia can offer you the perfect combination of a romantic surrounding topped with beautiful and luxurious resorts at inexpensive rates.

Along with the picturesque views, numerous old temple constructions will take you thousands of years back through the lanes of history and only convince you further about the enduring power of love.


This is the place fondly called the ‘Honeymooner’s Paradise’ and if you are romantic at heart you can not possibly ignore the seduction of this picturesque country tucked in the magnificent Alps.

The adventurous couples can also go for a bit of skiing experience on Alps if they visit the place during the seasons.

Now, our old planet is abundant with romantic places that no one can finish to explore in his lifetime. It is only up to you and your partner to decide which of the place resembles most the destination for your dream honeymoon.

The dream destination is one in which you and your partner will be at your coziest most in total seclusion and that provides you the perfect backdrop for starting on your conjugal journey.

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