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Top Genealogy-Tracking Sites

Ever watch an old movie and marvel how our culture and electronic media have changed over the decades?

With the new James Bond film, Casino Royale, gracing theaters this holiday season, it would be somewhat philosophical to wax nostalgic and look back to the classic 1969 Bond epic On Her Majestys Secret Service which, as most movie aficionados will recall, was George Lazenby’s first and only foray into the role of agent 007.

In the film, Bond impersonates an expert in a certain professional field to gain access to Blofeld’s fortress.

(Blofeld, in this film, was woefully miscast by having Telly Savalas play the villain) Can anyone recall what the field of expertise Bond was masquerading as a major professional? He was pretending to be an expert in genealogical research.

My how times have changed! If a person wishes to have their genealogical roots researched, they do not need to go through the pain and hassle of having a master researcher sleep over their secret fortress in order to perform research.

All a master criminal needs to do is fire up the computer and skim the net looking for the top genealogy websites that are available and all the necessary information will be right at the searchers’ fingertips. (And no super-spy agents will infiltrate under the guise of a genealogy expert!)

Now, this is not to hint that all genealogy websites are of equal stature. In fact, some of the websites are much better than others.

It would be wise, of course, to locate the top websites and direct one’s genealogy searches on those sites which can provide the best and most accurate information.

It is also a huge plus if the website is highly user friendly and easy to navigate.

Genealogy research is not an easy venture and to have the matter complicated by trying to navigate a confusing website will only make the search highly problematic as opposed to rewarding.

FamilySearch, HeritageQuest Online, Olive Tree Genealogy, and RootsWeb are ancestor-tracking sites and are four of the best sites on the web for those looking to research their genealogy.

Whether it is birth records, marriage records, or, with the special help of Black Sheep Ancestors, criminal imprisonment records, one can find them on the internet.

This reduces a great deal of the costs associated with genealogy research as one can perform the searches online and without having to hire a professional to do the research for you.

Also, because the internet can be accessed 24 hours a day, the person performing the research does not need to be limited to certain hours of the day to work.

And, since records can be located all over the world via the internet, there will be no costly travel fees involved.

These are excellent benefits that the aforementioned genealogy tracker sites provide, so checking them out is well advised.

So, do not delay and seek access to the records of this site store. Keep in mind, any search for records, even records available online, is a time-sensitive matter. Avoid costly delays that may result in missing out of available data.

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