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Top Summer Destinations Worldwide

The world no use arguing is a big place. Which makes it very tough to choose the right summer destination this vacation.

Would you go for scenic excellence or would you rather go to Disneyland and spend some quality time there with your kids?

Would you choose a vineyard in idyllic Spain and sip port wine sitting on a wicker chair, or would you enjoy your beer on the beautiful beaches in Hawaii? Or maybe you like the Florida crowd most?

Maybe you can try out Jamaica this year. The most beautiful of the Caribbean islands, it is the topmost family destination in the world.

If you are a budget tourist, still no problem, there are all-inclusive resorts that will be lighter on your pocket than many of the options you were toying with in your mind.

Many resorts have babysitters, family discounts, children’s activities supervision so that you can enjoy your vacation hassle-free, tensionless because expert hands are taking care of your children elsewhere.

If you think Jamaica is too close to your place, you can try Goa instead. The sun is bright and the booze is really cheap due to tax waivers.

The beaches are some of the best in the world, with nice resorts and an old Portuguese appeal. And if you secretly believe that clothes are an impediment on the way to enjoy, you shall find nudist beaches here too, maintained for the benefit of mankind.

Moreover, India is a cheap country. Except for the plane fare, you will probably find your vacation cheaper than staying back at home!

You can also visit the Bahamas this summer. There are a lot of family resorts with good service. And the island is beautiful.

And, what’s more, it is within a hundred miles from the coast of Florida. The temperature is exactly right, the water is blue and though it isn’t very far from the American mainland, you shall be light-years away from your daily life.

People who like to fish can try out neighboring Mexico this summer. Acapulco in Mexico is a beautiful seaside resort and seaport facing the Pacific Ocean.

If not an aficionado of fishing, you can go to the Mayan Riviera, about an hour’s drive south from Cancun. It is a popular resort for beach vacations.

The plus will be, of course, the rich remains of a Mayan past, archaeological finds, and artifacts. The Mayan Riviera is a beautiful mixture of the past and the present. April is a nice time to visit Mexico. But from May onwards, it is hot and humid.

If you plan to go to the north, it is a good idea to visit the Niagara Falls. For a spectacular view of a huge waterfall.

The deafening sound of water falling on water and spraying water getting you wet. There are a number of theme cruises to choose from, once at the Niagara Falls.

You can also try on the Green Mountains range of the Appalachian Mountains this year, a popular resort area for summer and winter.

The Green Mountains spread from Quebec in Canada to Massachusetts in the US. Composed of ancient rocks, the Green Mountain has forests of pine, spruce, beech, birch, and maple.

An ideal place to stay in close proximity to nature and enjoy your vacation away from work a fantastic summer getaway.

And of course, if you are enthusiastic about the gambling industry, what better place to go than Atlantic City, Las Vegas, or Monte Carlo in Monaco with their casinos and colorful fun!

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