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Unique Wedding Party Favor Ideas

There would be no couple who wouldn’t yearn for a perfect wedding where everything goes off smoothly and every bit of it is perfect from the bride’s gown to the wedding cake, from the wedding music to the table decorations.

And among all these things one more important thing is wedding favors. During the last few years the idea of wedding favors has really gained immense popularity and it is now the normal trend to give away wedding party favors to your guests.

In fact, the guests even expect receiving something from the couple by which to remember the wedding. 

The favor that you choose depends on a few basic things. Obviously you need to have a fair idea as to what your budget will be.

A wedding means a lot of expenses and if you are not serious about sticking to your budget things can get messy.

However, while drawing up the budget do keep an eye on the guest list. Don’t arrive at such a figure in your budget which is not too practical for the number of guests you expect.

The trick is to arrive at a balance. Also remember the favor you choose suits your taste as the gift you give away is a reflection of your personality. 

The range of wedding favors is vast and it can be anything from simple bookmarks to very elegant and expensive crystal or silver showpieces just right for your guests fireplace mantle.

The following are a few options you have which are in their own way unique. You can try them out or just use them as inspiration and come up with something completely new.

You can design your wedding favors according to the season. If you are having a fall wedding you can have autumn leaf candles wrapped in a piece of tulle which then can be tied with elegant ribbons.

If the wedding is during winter pine or cinnamon-scented potpourri can have a lasting impression.

Or you can go for silver bells, just the right gift for the season. You can even consider mini sleighs to which you can attach a little note thanking your guests for their presence.

If you are a couple who want to have something edible as a wedding favor then also the range of choices you have is simply huge.

You can go for chocolates which again come in different shapes, sizes, and flavors or you can have specially packed Jordan almonds which come in gold, silver, and white colors.

You can really be unique if you gift your guests homemade chocolate. Not only are they very personal but they also convey how much you care about them.

There are plenty of other options for you. You can gift small photo albums or personalized place cardholders.

Candles are also a huge hit with couples. This can again be anything from simple floating candles to personalized wedding favor candle sets.

If you have a bit extra to spend you can even think of having personalized miniature bottles of wine or champagne perfectly blends with the theme of a wedding.

Make sure that you buy your favors in bulk as that would bring down your expenses. Also, look out for any sale that might be on as you can get things for a bargain over there.

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