Using Family Bibles To Track Family History

Using Family Bibles To Track Family History
Using Family Bibles To Track Family History

Today, records are kept in a much different manner then they were in the last two centuries. Today, everything is meticulously kept, with accuracy being one of the highest priorities. Not so long ago, records were kept within the families.

When possible they were registered with the public but families used their own method of recording births and deaths. One of the most comprehensive tools used in keeping these records was the family bible.

Centuries ago, the church and religion played a much greater role in the family’s lives. Nearly every family had their own bible.

These were large; leather-bound books that dwarf the paperback books of today. Usually, in either the from or back there were pages to record births and deaths.

Many at this time lived on-farm or in rural areas far away from doctors and hospitals. It could take several days for someone to come and record a birth or death. The bible was a good place to put it.

When looking through old family bibles, it isn’t uncommon to see births and deaths going back centuries. Depending on the age of the book and how many generations it was handed down through.

If you’re looking to track your family history, check to see if there is an old family bible somewhere. You may be surprised at how many of these are still in existence. Generally, you will find the names of the dates and sometimes the reason the person died.

When looking into family history, having names and dates is a good place to start. From there you can try to do further research into what happened to that particular relative.

However, the family bible is a great place to get going from. You may be able to find out where that person ended up after their birth was recorded.

Doing your family genealogy is a challenge. Many people devote years of their lives to finding out where they came from and who they might be related to.

Sometimes the journey can be cut down significantly if people know where to look for information. Family bibles are a great source. Many of them still survive with all of the information intact.

If you’re looking for names, dates, and some small amount of detail on a relative then the bible is a great place to get started. Nearly every family had one and if you ask around, certain members of your family, chances are good that you will run across one.

The family bible will probably not give you a detailed account of your relatives’ life; however, it is a great place to get started. With names and dates, there are many more opportunities available to you.