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Vacation Pool Safety And Avoiding Pools Accidents

One of the simplest pleasures of life would be to splash about in the warm waters of a pool during a summer day.

Unfortunately, not all of us have a backyard pool. The option that we are left with is to go for a vacation and enjoy the pool at a hotel or at a relative’s place.

Somehow, even the sanest men act in the weirdest of ways when it comes to pools. Maybe it is because of the warm water or the high spirits that they are in.

Something gets into their head which makes them do things that would have surprised them if they were told about those when they had been in their senses.

But most of the pool accidents can be avoided if people are a bit careful and apply their common sense.

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The majority of accidents involve kids. When out for vacation parents must realize that the same rules apply for the hotel pool as do for the backyard pool.

They should also make their children understand that kids should never be allowed to be in the pool without adult supervision.

Generally, most pools are clearly marked in terms of water depth. An eye should be kept on to see that the child keeps to the shallow side and does not venture to the deeper end.

More often than not a board that outlines the rules for proper conduct in a pool is posted just beside the main pool area. One should go through the rules carefully and follow them strictly once inside the water.

A thing should be borne in mind that devices such as inflatable rings or water wings are not life-saving devices.

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As popular as they may be with kids they are nothing but floating toys. So don’t be complacent and leave your child alone in the pool just because he has water wings on.

Don’t allow the kids to run on the deck or fight inside the pool. They might slip and hurt themselves. Diving is also not to be encouraged as most pools are not that deep.

Before you set foot on the water check for a few things. Verify if the water is clean and clear. If not, stay away, or else you can get skin irritation and even your eyes may get affected.

Also, check if a lie guard is on duty. A pool without a lifeguard, especially if it is a proper swimming pool is never quite safe.

Also, make a mental note of where the rescue equipment is kept and where the phone is. In case of an emergency, these are the first two things you would need.

If you have had too much alcohol then it is always safe to stay away from the pool as you might lose your senses in water and hence the chances of you being drowned increase manifold.

At the end of the day, it is just about being in your senses and not overdoing things. Keep your wits about you, relax and enjoy!

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