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Weight Loss: How Often Do You Weigh Yourself? Start Now Using These 4 Tips

A wellspring of disappointment that everybody attempting to get more fit or keep up weight is that annoying box in the washroom, the scale!

Now and again regardless of how great seven days you had while adhering to your objectives; regardless of how often you got away from the inclination to confront vegetables into a birthday cake; the scale just won’t collaborate.

It occurs! We’ve all at once accomplished one of life’s extraordinary humiliations; standing exposed and alone, contending with a lifeless thing.

  1. Consider a daily weigh

A few investigations have demonstrated that a day by day check can be very useful. You won’t observe the scale go down yet you ought to see a descending pattern after some time.

Studies show that persons who weigh frequently have the ability to maintain their desired weight.

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This is because they always have the consciousness that they have an aim to achieve. They, therefore, work hard to achieve more in the little time given.

They also believe daily weighing makes them accountable and gives motivation. They feel it’s more convenient than any other time or method.

On the other hand, most persons who weigh on a daily basis see it as obsessing. This’s because they see just a little or no improvement in their weight loss plan.

Whichever choice you make, always bear in mind that the fact that you lost weight today doesn’t mean you’ve made great progress.

During weekends, most persons eat more and do less work than they do other days. This will make them add weight on weekend and then lose a little on weekdays.

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Also, the state of your being on such days affects your weight. For instance, if you haven’t defecated, you tend to be heavier when you climb the scale.

These factors should be considered before declaring the progress that you’ve made.

However, your emotion and frame of mind after your daily check will help you consider weighing daily. If you feel bad checking daily, stop it.

  1. Weigh weekly

For many people, the weekly indecisions of the scale characterize the achievement or disappointment of their eating schedules.

This is both hazardous and unrealistic as an approach to pass judgment on progress. It’s unrealistic for the fact that your body weight quantifies substantially more than your fat substance.

This is the thing that most calorie counters are worried about. The scale measures your fat yet additionally your bones, organs, tissue, blood, water and everything else that you’re made out of.

There’re variances continually dependent on your food consumption, waste yield, water maintenance, and other natural procedures. These things have nothing to do with fat or calories.

These can influence your scale weight by a few pounds in either heading. This, my friends, is the reason for weighing your body to quantify your weight loss success.

Similarly, it may be perilous to characterize your success by your weight knowing that numerous calorie counters easily quit.

On the off chance that you’re an individual who fits this portrayal, you might be in an ideal situation.

When deciding to weigh on a weekly basis, try to maintain a particular day and time that you’ll want to weigh.

Weighing weekly will make you focus on that particular day. It also gives you the rest of the week to work on your target.

Many persons actively trying to lose weight prefer weekly weigh so that they won’t stress themselves worrying about using the scale.

  1. Weigh monthly

You could be simply weighing yourself once every month if by any stretch of the imagination. Some persons quit easily when their scale results show little progress on their set objectives.

These kinds of persons can preferably choose monthly weighing. The monthly weight check is better than not checking at all.

To make it easier, pick out a day in the month when you know for certain you’ll check your weight. It could be on a particular day of the month or the day you have to visit the doctor in the month.

Also, remember that the idea is to maintain a healthy and perfect weight that you’ll be proud of.

  1. Use other means to weigh

Most persons desiring weight loss or weight gain are really terrified when they see the scale.

Consequently, if you happen to be one such persons, don’t weigh yourself on a scale. Instead of using the scale, use other means.

Numerous other means are quite effective. For instance, you can decide to on a regular basis, check the circumference of your waist.

Alternatively, you can pay close attention to how fitting your clothes are. If a previously tight cloth becomes loose on your body, then you’re losing weight.

On the other hand, if the tight cloth seems tighter, then, you’re adding up. Whichever motive you have, that can be of immense help.

Additionally, you can decide to pay close attention to your diet plan and exercise routine.

If possible avoid cheating. Try obeying the laid down rules pertaining to what you should eat and what not to eat.

You should also try as much as possible to not miss out any exercise training day. When you exercise, take it seriously.

Most importantly, always bear in mind that the scale just displays numbers. The numbers shouldn’t be in control of your mood.

When you discover you feel sad using it, the alternative given above should be your best switch.

Take your mind out of the numbers on the scale and focus on your aim. By so doing, you’ll feel better.

Your life should really bea happy one and being unhappy with your weight is another problem altogether.


If you’re the inquisitive type and can deal with daily mood swings, it is superb to weigh yourself regularly.

I like to gauge myself once every week except I generally remember that the number isn’t so significant. Do you increasingly weigh yourself? Or on the other hand, does the fluctuation baffle you to an extreme?

Whichever pattern you choose, regular check if possible daily will be of good help.

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