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What It Takes To Be An Influential Woman

This personal power has a great influence if others are missing, notably position, money and relationships.

Nowadays, women are becoming aware of their personal power, after years of repression, when they were told they had no power at all, or no right to it.

A barrier was often placed between personal power and achievement, due to competing feelings, thoughts and desires, which kept interfering and not allowing a woman’s full power potential.

Most times these competing feelings came under the form of wanting to please others, putting aside one’s own needs.

Personal power can take on many facets and opens up many paths in live. It allows you to have a greater control of your life, will help you achieve your objectives and even influence other people’s decisions.

In fact personal power is a woman’s strongest point, which needs to be developed to its full potential. It can greatly improve you self esteem, confidence and energy level.

There are a few qualities that can help you succeed in drawing out your personal power, those that are related to communication skills, respect, powerful ideas and trustworthiness.

It is important to convey your ideas and opinions in the most effective way possible, if you want to have the power to get people into action.

The more you want to connect with others the more you have to play on the value of mutuality. Think about whether you are eliciting other people’s emotions and their loyalty towards you.

Consider what people think about you, and if what you are accomplishing is providing you with the respect you wish.

The more people respect your actions and consequently your person, the more influence you will have on others, as they will place you in high regard.

To be an influential woman you have to keep a step ahead, think outside the usual lines, and need to have that insight and plan ahead, trying to see what is important before others.

Focusing is essential; as distractions only lead to slowing down your hard work, avoid striving while wasting time.

Work on your self-confidence, and do not shy away from speaking up when you have an important issue to debate on.

Try to focus on how important your point is, as this should help you to overcome the fear of exposing yourself to the public.

You need to be a dependable person in order to be an influential woman. Make a point of doing everything you have promised to do, and you will find that people will choose you as a member of their team as they know they can rely on you.

Trustworthiness is essential, as people appreciate honest feedback, as well as loyalty and commitment.

Any woman can attain a higher level of personal power if she tries harder, and discovers where to expand and improve her qualities.

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