Why Do We Have To Go Through Life And Live On Earth? Why Can’t We Just Be With God?


I believe it is a broad experience away from God. To know what it is to be out of His presence and what things are without Him. It’s like learning the hard way.

The problem is we can walk with Him now while we are on the earth and experience His presence through His Spirit.

Satan didn’t know what it meant to live out of The Presence of God although he did know what it was to be forever in His presence and then to lose it and now suffer eternally out of His Presence.

We are experiencing time out of His presence with the opportunity to live in His presence forever.

There is an old cliche you never know what you have until you’ve lost it. Satan is learning the hard way, what it is to be without God for his actions.

We are in a state where we go through some things and through time, learn specifically what it’s like to be without God.

Know what it’s like to lose it first before we have it if you will. We will be so disappointed to feel His presence and have it taken away if we don’t do what we need to do to get our names in the Lambs book of life.

Satan had to learn the hard way. God has given us an easier way. Satan didn’t know what He had and how good he had it. We are going through a process of knowing what it’s like to be without Him before we get to the destination of being with Him.

We have to recognize God at His word. Trust His word. Faith cometh by hearing and hearing by The Word of God. You ever hear when someone says, I give you my word, trust me.

This is the same type of trust God is talking about and is trying to bestow in us when we are to hear and listen to His word. Get His word, He gives us His word. Trust Him. He’s not a man that He should not do what He says He is going to do.

Although we are out of his presence, we can still experience Him now.

I believe our purpose is in experiencing life and existence here on earth away from God. What I mean about away is not totally in His presence.

I believe it is to get a very big taste of being out of His presence and becoming to His presence and to see and get total realization it is the most ultimate Good we will ever experience in any life we can ever have or give our own self. We are living in a time and on earth away from the Lord in our experience here.

Satan, lucifer experienced His presence and rejected Him and is spending the rest of his existence and in time out of His (God’s) presence. He is experiencing what he thought was better than God, being without Him.

We get to experience out of His presence and see what it’s like to be out of His presence and then Experience His presence and see just how good He really is compared to anything we can imagine.

He is showing His love for us in this time He has given us. He is showing His strength that He will save us from anything. He showed us He would give His life up….All He had, His son he gave for us….This is His love and compassion.

Jesus said it is better to have never known Him at all than to have known Him and still reject Him.

Someone told me once “don’t worry heaven will be so bored, they in heaven will be praying to go to hell.

If they would only allow themselves to experience God while they have an opportunity of experiencing Him in the most ultimate time they can, on earth in the midst of adversities.

Bored doesn’t exist with God. God said try me… Anything else beyond not even trying Him and deriving to a conclusion about Him is basing your experience with Him on an assumption. His goodness is to Good for that. It is joy unspeakable with God.

When we have rejected God, we have done what Satan did, but we have experienced what it is like without Him before we are with Him. Satan now spends eternity without Him.

Is there life after death?

We all get the feeling, at times, that there’s just more to life. Whether we’ve accomplished everything we’ve accomplished or didn’t accomplished what we would have hoped to and wishing we would have done things differently. We all feel at some point that there has to be more.