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Windsor Castle, UK: When Time-Travel Doesn’t Require a Machine

Hello wanderlust souls! Ever caught daydreaming about royal banquets, knights in shining armor, or the secret lives of monarchs? Welcome to Windsor Castle – the world’s oldest and largest occupied castle. Just an hour away from London, it’s where fairy tales meet history books, without the dust!

A Tapestry of Tales at Windsor Castle

Windsor Castle isn’t just an architectural marvel; it’s a time capsule. William the Conqueror established the first castle in the 11th century. Thirty-nine leaders have lived in this place. Just a quirky fact: if you tried to spend a night in every room, you’d be there for over three years! And I thought my studio apartment was spacious.

Navigating Through the Royal Halls

Venturing through the opulent State Apartments feels like a walk inside a lavish history textbook. Admire artworks from the Royal Collection featuring names like Rembrandt and Rubens that hang as if they aren’t priceless treasures. Remember, this isn’t an art museum; it’s someone’s home. So, stay comfortable!

Let’s remember St. George’s Chapel, a gothic masterpiece where the spiritual and the regal blend seamlessly. It’s not just the venue where Prince Harry and Meghan Markle exchanged their vows; it’s also the final resting place of ten sovereigns. Here’s a cheeky tip: try attending the Evensong service; it’s open to the public and an ethereal experience!

Hungry for more? The Queen Mary’s Doll’s House is an astounding exhibit. More intricate than any dollhouse you’ve ever seen, it boasts tiny working amenities and is an ode to craftsmanship. It’s almost a ‘Honey, I Shrunk the Royal House’ scenario!

Timing Your Royal Outing

Being an actual royal abode, parts of the castle are off-limits when the Queen is in residence. But, as they say in showbiz, the show must go on! Even if you miss out on a section or two, the castle’s vastness always ensures more to explore. Look out for the Royal Standard flag. If it’s up, Her Majesty is home, probably binge-watching her favorite series, ‘The Crown.’ (Okay, maybe not, but a commoner can imagine, right?)

The Essence of Windsor

Buckingham Palace has grandeur, but Windsor Castle exudes a soulful charm. It’s like comparing an office to a cozy home. Windsor offers a tourist destination and an exhilarating encounter with its stunning gardens, ancient walls, and the Round Tower that grants a magnificent vista of the English countryside.

Not-to-Miss: Changing of the Guard

 The Changing of the Guard ceremony is an impressive demonstration of exactness and breathtaking aesthetics. Watching it is, without a doubt, an enjoyable activity. Think of it as a meticulously choreographed dance sans the music. And while you’re there, explore the quaint town of Windsor too. Quirky shops, delightful eateries, and cobbled streets add to the allure.

Signing Off from the Royal Retreat

Embarking on a journey to Windsor Castle is akin to flipping through the pages of a rich, animated history book. It’s where tales from yesteryears come alive right before your eyes. So, lace up those walking shoes, charge up that camera, and embark on a regal adventure. Remember, in Windsor, every stone has a story, and every story is royally enchanting!

Sleep Like Royalty: Best Accommodations Near Windsor Castle

Greetings, noble travelers! While you might not snag an invite to bunk with Her Majesty during your Windsor Castle visit (don’t we all wish), there are a myriad of splendid accommodations nearby fit for royalty – or at least those who fancy a brush with regal ambiance. Here’s a curated guide to ensure a comfortable stay in Windsor.

1. Sir Christopher Wren Hotel & Spa

Where Modern Meets Majestic

Paul’s Cathedral, Sir Christopher Wren. It is in a convenient location near the river and bears the name of the renowned architect. Paul’s Cathedral, also known as St. Paul’s Cathedral, is a famous church in London, England. Not quite a castle, but the riverside views, spa, and proximity to the court might make you forgive the oversight. A little birdie told me their afternoon tea is to die for, but don’t quote me!

2. The Oakley Court

Gothic Grandeur in Spades

This Victorian Gothic mansion, a mere whisper away from Windsor Castle, feels like you’ve stepped onto a movie set. Well, it appeared in several films! Overlooking the Thames, it offers a fusion of history, luxury, and a touch of cinematic magic. Note: Wearing a robe and pretending you’re in a Victorian drama is not mandatory but highly recommended.

3. Castle Hotel Windsor – MGallery Hotel Collection

Centuries of Hospitality

A stone’s throw away from Windsor Castle; this hotel boasts a history stretching back nearly 500 years. Having welcomed guests like Queen Charlotte and (allegedly) Shakespeare, you’ll be joining quite the illustrious list. Their rooms might not have a crown, but you’ll undoubtedly feel like wearing one.

4. Macdonald Windsor Hotel

Contemporary Charm

For those who fancy a more modern touch, this eco-friendly hotel offers a sleek design while stepping away from Windsor Castle. The breakfast is of such high renown that even Queen’s corgis might find it appealing to try.

5. The Winning Post

Countryside Coziness

A tad further afield in the nearby village of Winkfield, The Winning Post is an 18th-century inn turned boutique hotel. With wooden beams, fireplaces, and an authentic English pub on-site, it’s the perfect retreat after a day of royal explorations. Just beware of the local ghost stories – or embrace them with a pint!

6. Clarion Collection Harte & Garter Hotel

Spa Splendor with Castle Views

Located directly opposite Windsor Castle, you can practically wave to the Queen from your window! Besides its enviable location, it boasts a luxurious spa – perfect for relaxing those feet after exploring every nook and cranny of the castle.

7. The George Inn

Historic Hues & River Views

A traditional English inn nestled by the river in Eton, this place oozes charm from every brick. With Windsor Castle just across the bridge, The George offers an intimate, historic vibe without the hustle and bustle.

Tying It All Together:

Choosing the perfect abode can add magic to your Windsor journey. Whether you opt for luxury, history, or riverside views, remember that the adventures, stories, and perhaps a pint make the trip truly unforgettable. So, find your ideal base and let the Windsor tales unfold!

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