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You Can Choose To Live A Healthier Lifestyle

Ask yourself these two questions, as you get older do you honestly think that you are likely to get sicker, have different health problems, and more of them? Or will you choose a healthier lifestyle?

Since we now live in the information age, if we really want to be healthier, then it is possible to improve with age, rather than giving in to the downhill spiral of deterioration and ill health. Past research has proven it to be so.

You may have heard the saying, “An ounce of prevention is cheaper than the pound of cure.” You might be interested to know that should you continue to do things that are not healthy, you will be known as being “bad“.

Things such as, eating poorly, smoking, refusing to be more active, this is commonly known as “Lifestyle Suicide.”

There is a much better way. Here are some of the more significant areas that involve lifestyle and our ability to make choices.

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Keep in mind that by choosing wisely you are focusing on a healthier lifestyle choice and will improve your health to its greatest potential ever.

Cigarettes: nicotine is a very highly addictive substance. Research shows that the average smoker makes seven attempts to quit.

Ex-smokers say that it was all worth the effort although the cravings do still last for years. Quitting smoking is the most effective choice a person can make in improving their health. So if you have decided that you want to quit, then do it now!

Food is all about what you eat and how. There is a serious problem with obesity in our country. Portion size must be taken into consideration, but you must also take care to eat the right foods and exercise in order to receive the full benefit of a healthier lifestyle.

Deciding to lose the extra 15 or 25 pounds is noble, but dieting alone will just not work. The key to achieving your goal is activity.

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Avoiding or even eliminating completely, any refined carbohydrates such as white sugar and flour, along with regular yet moderately exerting activities will eliminate the necessity of measuring or weighing of food, and will almost guarantee that you lose one to two pounds a week.

Avoid foods with trans fats, like margarine, white sugar, flour and prepared foods. Instead eat more raw and unprocessed foods. Don’t miss out on breakfast and never eat late at night.

Eat foods rich in anti-oxidants like darker colored fruits and vegetables, purple grape juice, green tea, red wine and dark chocolate. Try to drink four or more glasses of water daily.

If you decide to start exercising remember to Keep It Simple. Start off by walking for 15 minutes three times a week; this should cause you to get a bit of glow.

Gradually increase your walk, causing a bit more of a glow. Although there is no upper or set limit on how long you choose to walk for, the health benefits do get greater after 60 minutes of activity.

If you do decide to start taking better care of yourself and live a healthier lifestyle, it is recommended that you get some advice from professionals who will take care of you in a holistic way, as opposed to just treating the symptoms.

Prevention of health problems before they even become symptomatic is the best approach.

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