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Central Africa Republic Map - Physical Map of Central Africa Republic

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Description: The Physical Map of Central Africa showing major geographical features like elevations, mountain ranges, deserts, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

Central Africa Republic Facts and Country Information...

The Republic of Central Africa is landlocked country located deep within the African continent. The country covers an area of 622941 square kilometres. The country lies between 4.3 degrees north latitude and 18.5 degrees east longitude.

The country is almost at the exact centre of the African continent and is landlocked from all sides. Majority of the country consists of the rolling Savannah Plateau. The North-eastern part of the country is taken up by the Fertit Hills. The northwest also has a massif called the Yade which is a granite plateau. The South-western part of the country however is dominated by undulating lands and rolling hills.

The climate is characterized by the tropical type with the Harmattan winds blowing in.
The southern international border is lined with the Mbomou River which is a tributary of the mighty Congo River. After merging with the Uele River the Ubangi River is formed.


The western part is watered by the Sangha River and the east is lined with the Congo-Nile watershed. About 8% of the country is covered with forests.  Mount Ngaoui is the highest natural peak sitting at 1420 metres above sea level whereas the lowest point lies under the Oubangui River at 335 metres.

Political Map of Central Africa Republic
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