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The Regional Maps of Caribbean Countries
Caribbean Continent Briefs:

The Caribbean Islands are a string of pristine islands dotting the clear waters of the Caribbean Sea. Situated in the western hemisphere these islands include the Bahamas, Cuba, Guadeloupe, Jamaica and the Virgin Islands, to name a few.

The Caribbean is a paradise retreat for all those who enjoy water sports such as sailing and scuba diving as well as just lazing on the pristine white sandy beaches.
These tropical islands are teeming with hundreds of species of flora and fauna of rare beauty both on land and underwater.

The Caribbean has a rich historical heritage with relics from the Spanish explorers and settlers as well as from the more common indigenous people of the Caribbean, the Tainos.

Although a lot of the islands have similar landscapes, these can vary considerably offering mountain ranges, tropical forests and splendid coral reefs.

The Caribbean is subject to many tropical storms, which can at times develop into Atlantic hurricanes, depending on the period of the year; these are more likely to occur from June 1st to November 30th.

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