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Description: Detailed large political map of Martinique showing names of capital city, cities, islands, towns, states, provinces and boundaries with neighbouring countries.

Martinique Facts and Country Information...

Martinique is an island and a part of the Lesser Antilles situated in the eastern Caribbean Sea. The area is estimated to be 1128 square kilometers and it serves a home for 386486 citizens. It is an Overseas Territory of the French Republic like Guadeloupe. It is also a part of the Winward group of islands.

St. Lucia sits right at the bottom of the island while Dominica lays towards the top and Barbados sits on the on the southeast corner. It is among the 27 overseas regions under the French Republic. The island sits 450 kilometers away from the northeastern coast of South America and roughly 700 kilometers southeast from Dominican Republic.

40 square kilometers of the total 1100 is water while the remaining area is land. Martinique sits on third position on the largest islands of Lesser Antilles list, right below Trinidad and Guadeloupe. It is 70 kilometers from the northern most tip to the southernmost. It is 30 kilometers wide from east to west along its widest point.

The highest point of the island is the volcanic peak of Mont Pelee which is 4583 feet above sea level. The volcanic origin of the island is due to the subduction zone created by the sliding North America Plate which goes under the Caribbean Plate. The island has 8 separates regions which show volcanic activity.

The northern part of the island is very mountainous whereas the southern parts are easily accessible. The coastlines are difficult to navigate across. The north also has grey and black colored beaches owing to the ash from the volcanic region.

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