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Trinidad and Tobago Map - Political Map of Trinidad and Tobago

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Description: Detailed large political map of Trinidad and Tobago showing names of capital city, towns, states, provinces and boundaries with neighbouring countries.

Trinidad and Tobago Facts and Country Information...

Trinidad and Tobago is a nation that is situated in the southern Caribbean and its surrounding nations are Grenada, Venezuela and South America. The area of this nation is about 5,128 square kilometers and it basically includes two islands and many small landforms.

The two main islands in the country are Trinidad and Tobago. Of these two islands, Trinidad is the larger island and it also has more people living in. Tobago is smaller in size and it has about 4% of the total population.

 There are about 1.3 million people living in Trinidad and Tobago. The country is situated outside the Hurricane belt.

There are two main ethnic groups in the country and they are the Afro-Trinidadians and the Indo-Trinidadians. These two groups make up about 4/5th of the total population of Trinidad and Tobago.

The remaining people are Syrian-Lebanese, European and Chinese There are also many mixed race population in this country. The official language of the country is English and it is also the language that is spoken by many people in Trinidad and Tobago.

The religions that most of the people in the country follow are Roman Catholicism and Hinduism. There are also many Muslims and Anglicans in Trinidad and Tobago.

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