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Description: The Physical Map of Bahamas showing major geographical features like elevations, ocean, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

Bahamas Facts and Country Information...

The Bahamas is an archipelago of about 700 atolls and islands. It is situated in the West Atlantic Ocean. The country lies between north latitude 25.4 degrees and west longitude 77.20 degrees. The total area covered by the country measures up to be 13940 square kilometers out of which 10070 square kilometers is land and 3870 square kilometers is occupied by water bodies. The islands and atolls together make up a coastline which is 3542 kilometers in length.

Most of the islands are low lying and the highest point is known as Mount Alverina which sits at a mere height of 63 meters above sea level. The lowest point however sits at mean sea level on the Atlantic Ocean.

The terrain is dominated by the low lying coral formations with a few very short hills all around. The climates are particularly tropical and are frequented by the Gulf Stream. The country lacks the presence of rivers but it does have many tidal creeks which look like rivers. All the creeks are present on the Andros Islands except one which is on Eleuthera Island. The major creeks include: Staniard, Fresh, Sandy, River Lees, Hawk, Timber and Starve Creek. Starve Creek is the only one to be situated on a separate island.

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