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Guadeloupe Facts and Country Information...

Guadeloupe is a group of small Caribbean islands situated in the Leeward Island. The land areas of the islands combine to become 1628 km2. It is an overseas territory of the French Republic.

The eastern Grand – Terre and western Basse – Terre are the two main islands of the entire group. The two islands are cut in between by a narrow strait which is covered by many bridges.

The Dependencies of Guadeloupe include smaller pieces of land like La Desirade, Marie – Galante and Iiles des Saints. Being a French Territory the island is a part of the Eurozone and European Union as well. The group is located at the southernmost tip of the Leeward Islands.

The Salt River is the narrow sea which separates the two major Islands called Grand – Terre and Basse – Terre. The Basse – Terre is characterized by high lands and volcanic relief, whereas the Grand – Terre has more of flat plains and rolling hills.

The La Grande Soufriere measures up to be 1467 meters and is the highest point in the Guadeloupe and Leeward Islands as well. The climate of the Guadeloupe Islands is very moderate and pleasant with slight showers of rain every now and then. The daytime temperatures remain within the lower thirties and the night temperatures drop to low twenties.

The area is very humid thanks to the frequent showers. The islands have seen a substantial number of hurricanes in the recent past. Some of the most popular hurricanes to devastate the islands were: Okeechobee hurricane, Hurricane Inez, Hurricane Hugo, Hurricane Georges and others.

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