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Description: Detailed clear large road map of Guinea Bissau with road routes from cities to towns, road intersections to provinces and perfectures.

Guinea Bissau Facts and Country Information...

Guinea-Bissau situated on the West Coast of Africa is a small country bordering Senegal and the Republic of Guinea; here the population speaks Portuguese, French, Creole and several different local dialects. Bissau is the capital and the country also comprises the Bijagos Islands and the island of Bolama.


The country’s inner landscape is rich in thick forests, plateaus and mountains, while on the coast there are numerous inlets and mangrove swamps, dotted with traditional fishing villages and exceptional sandy beaches rich in wildlife.

The Bijagos Archipelago is magnificent, its islands teeming with turtles, sharks, manatees and rare types of hippopotamus that live in salty water. Here indigenous people live from the islands, which have preserved their exceptional beauty. The Cantanheuz Natural Park in Jemberem is another beautiful site; it is a protected area where birds, monkeys and other species can be observed.

The capital permeates a relaxed atmosphere with its Portuguese quarter of meandering streets and Mediterranean style houses. The Museum of African Artifacts is a treasure chest of traditional African Art and well worth a visit.

The climate is tropical, with the rainy season going from June to October and the dry one from December to April. The temperatures vary according to the altitude, although on the coast the temperatures are high as well as the humidity.

The people from Guinea Bissau are called Guineans.

Physical Map of Guinea Bissau
Physical map and map image of Guinea Bissau.

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