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Description: Detailed large political map of Lesotho showing names of capital cities, towns, states, provinces and boundaries of neighbouring countries.

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Lesotho is situated in Southern Africa completely surrounded by South Africa, with Maseru as its capital. This tiny kingdom is mostly made up of mountainous landscape, is situated on the eastern rim of the South African plateau. Three large rivers cut through the mountains down to the foothill areas where most of the population lives. The languages spoken are Sesotho and English.

Many of the villages are remote and nestled in the highlands or mountains and can only be reached on horseback or light aircraft. Trekking or horseback riding in Lesotho is a magnificent experience, most of the paths starting off from Maseru. The country also offers other activities such as bird watching and fishing. More than 270 different species of birds can be spotted in the Maluti and Lesotho Drakensberg, or the Letsie Lake.

Near the capital there are some examples of Bushmen rock paintings at Ha Khotso and Ha Baroana, while south of Mahale's Hoek there are caves to explore. The petrified forest of Thaba-Ts'oeu is also a breathtaking site, as are the Maletsunyane Waterfalls, the highest single drop waterfalls in Africa.

Lesotho's climate has well defined seasons, with rainy summers from October to April. Snow may fall in the highlands from May to September. The hottest period of the year is from January to February.

The people from Lesotho are called Basotho.

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