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Description: Detailed large political map of Mauritius showing names of capital cities, towns, states, provinces and boundaries with neighbouring countries.

Mauritius Facts and Country Information...

Mauritius is an island nation that is located off the coast of the African continent. It is situated about nine hundred kilometers east of Madagascar. This nation was discovered by the Portuguese in the year 1505 and it attained independence in the year 1968 after being under the rule of the Portuguese, British, French and Dutch. It is a beautiful country that is also a famous tourist destination in the world. The beaches are simply beautiful and they are lined with casuarinas and palm trees. It is the only known home of the dodo.

Even though it does not have a high Gross Domestic Product, it is considered to be a developed country because the GDP of Mauritius is sufficient for its 1.3 million populations. The financial, tourist and industrial sectors are three important sectors of the nation that helps in bringing revenue to Mauritius.

Port Louis is the capital of this nation and it is also a center of commerce. The capital city is also very popular among the shoppers because most of the items sold are free from duty. Mauritius has everything like casinos, night clubs, shopping centers, golf, water sports, etc. It is a perfect holiday getaway from couples and families.

The people from Mauritius are called Mauritians.

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