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Description: Detailed large political map of Seychelles showing names of capital cities, towns, states, provinces and boundaries with neighbouring countries.

Seychelles Facts and Country Information...

Seychelles is an island nation that lies in the Indian Ocean and there are about one hundred and fifteen islands here. However, the constitution of this country lists the number of islands to be one hundred and fifty-five. At present education is offered for free up to secondary 5. The economy of the country depends on tourism for its growth and this sector employs about 1/3rd of the total working force. Tuna fishing is also an important for the economy of the country. At present, foreign investments are being permitted for the purpose of building hotels and other facilities in the country.

Seychelles is also promoting small-scale manufacturing, fishing and farming so that it will not have to depend solely on tourism. In this country, mothers are considered to be the head of the household and they look after their families. Men, on the other hand, only focus on earning money or their families. The beaches are extremely popular and apart from the beaches, Seychelles also has other attractions for is tourists. Many tourists visit Aride Island when they are in this country. Aride Island is basically a very significant natural reserve in the world. There are different species of seabirds in this natural reserve.

The people from Seychelles are called Seychellois.

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