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Description: Detailed large political map of Sierra Leone showing names of capital cities, towns, states, provinces and boundaries with neighbouring countries.

Sierra Leone Facts and Country Information...

The Republic of Sierra Leone is a nation that lies in the West Africa. On the southeastern side if the country there is Liberia and on the north of the country, there is Guinea. Sierra Leone has a tropical climate. The largest city, the seat of the government and the capital city of the country is Freetown. The second largest city in this nation is called Bo. There are also other major cities in the country and they are Makeni, Koidu Town and Kenema. Sierra Leone has West Africa's oldest university called the Fourah Bay College.

The language that most people in Sierra Leone speak is the Krio language. About 97% of the total population communicates in this language. The nation is now steadily surfacing from an extended civil war and it is also displaying signs of successful change. Its economy has also been recovering and the consumers as well as the investors are now gradually gaining confidence. Sierra Leone is rated as one of the world's top diamond producing countries. The product that earns maximum amount of foreign exchange for the country is minerals. The currency of Sierra Leone is known as Leone and the bank of Sierra Leone is its central banking institution.

The people from Sierra Leone are called Sierra Leoneans.

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