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Description: Detailed clear large road map of Kyrgyzstan with road routes from cities to towns, road intersections to provinces and perfectures.

Kyrgyzstan Facts and Country Information...

Kyrgyzstan is situated in Central Asia landlocked between Kazakhstan, Uzbekistan, Tajikistan and China. A large part of the country is composed of the imposing Tien Shan mountain range which offers amazing views of landscapes full of colors and impressive scenery.

The capital is Bishkek and the official language is Kyrgyz, a Turkic language closely related to Uzbek, Kazakh, Turkmen and Turkish.

Kyrgyzstan is a land of mountains, glaciers and lakes of sparkling blue waters, with a variety of hues that add color to the expanse landscape scenery, a paradise for nature lovers and trekking enthusiasts.

Osh and Bishkek are the two largest cities in Kyrgyzstan, the former is near the Uzbek border and is greatly influenced by the Islamic culture, while Bishkek has given way to the more westernly fashion.

The Tash Rabat caravanserai offers a welcomed shelter for the travelers following the Silk Road and is a good starting point for trekkers. The Sary-Chelek Biosphere Reserve boasts the best environmental elements of Kyrgyzstan in one site, with a series of forests, meadows and lakes. The Arslanbob walnut forest is a very beautiful and peaceful site in a backdrop of mountains where skiing is possible in winter.

The Saimaluu-Tash petroglyphs is a collection that spans across two glacian marines, high in the Ferghana Valley and has been a sacred site since 2000 BC.

The climate is a continental one with little rainfall, it is best to visit between May and October when it is easier to get around and treking is easier. Snowfall is heavy during winter.

Physical Map of Kyrgyzstan
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Political Map of Kyrgyzstan
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