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Description: The Physical Map of Laos showing major geographical features like elevations, mountain ranges, deserts, seas, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

Laos Facts and Country Information...

Laos also officially called the Lao People's Democratic Republic. It is situated in Southeast Asia and surrounded by land. It does not have coastal boundary.236,800 square kilometres is the total area of Laos. It shares its boundary with Cambodia to the south, Vietnam to the east, Thailand to the west and Burma and China to the northwest.

PhouBia at 2,818 metres is the highest mountain of the country. The landscape of Laos is densely forested and has many mountain ranges with plateaus and plains. Its western boundary with Thailand is formed by the Mekong River. Annamite Mountain Range in the east forms the border with Vietnam.

The northwestern border is formed by the LuangPrabang Range along the Thai highlands. The Bolaven Plateau in the south and in the north the Xiangkhoang are the two plateaux. Twenty one percent of the country’s land is set aside for habitat conservation preservation by the Laos government in 1993.

Laos belongs to the region which is known as Golden Triangle for its opium poppy growing capacity. Laos is considered to be a part of the three areas i.e. south, north and central. Hydropower, tin, timber, gypsum, gemstones and gold are the natural resources of Laos.

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