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Description: The Physical Map of Czech Republic showing major geographical features like elevations, mountain ranges, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

Czech Republic Facts and Country Information...

The Czech Republic is a country located to the south east side of Germany, southwest side of Poland, North of Austria and northeast of Slovakia.
The country’s landscape is quite diverse with a river basin, with water from the Labe and Vltava rivers, to the west.

This area is encompassed by low lying mountains like the Krkonose which also has the highest peak Snezka (1,602 m). The eastern part known as Moravia is also quite hilly and covered with the waters of the Morava River. This area also has the source of the Oder River.

The country lies between north latitudes 49 and 45 degrees and east longitudes 15 and 30 degrees. The total land area covered by the country is 77,276 square kilometers and parts covered with water amount to 1,590 kilometer square. The lowest point in the country lies beneath the Labe River and is 115 meters beneath the surface of the river.

The country is bordered on the northwest by the Ore Mountains and by the Eagle Mountains in the northeast. The Sumava Mountains border the southwest. The three major rivers: Labe, Vltava and Morava run from tip to tip and are almost parallel to each other.

Political Map of Czech Republic
Political map and map image of Czech Republic.

Road Map of Czech Republic
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