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Kosovo Map - Political Map of Kosovo


Kosovo Political Map
Description: Detailed large political map of Kosovo showing names of capital cities, towns, states, provinces and boundaries with neighbouring countries.

Kosovo Facts and Country Information...

Kosovo is situated in Southeast Europe and shares its borders with Serbia, Macedonia, Montenegro and Albania. Pristina is the capital and the languages spoken are Albanian, Serbian, Bosniak and Turkish.

The country is surrounded by mountain ranges: the Sharr Mountains, the Kopaonik Mountains as well as the Gjeravica (2,656 m), the highest mountain in the land. The central area is an expanse of hills and two large plains stretching from the west to the east.

Pristina offers a national museum, theatre and art gallery. There are also several historical mosques, such as Mbretit and Pirinaz, and the Serbian Church of St Nicholas with its rich iconostasis.

Peja is also worth a visit, a historical town with the backdrop of dominating mountains with a magnificent gorge over the Bisrica River. This is the ancestral home of the Mediaeval Serbian Orthodox church.

Near pristina Gračanica encloses a famous Orthodox monastery founded in 1321, situated near the ruins of the ancient Illyrian city of Ulpiana. Prizren is a small town home to Kosovo’s well preserved Orthodox monastery, Visoki Dečani, built in 1335.

Kosovo has a mild continental climate with cold, snowy winters and warm summers. May and September are the best months to visit.




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