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Description: The Physical Map of Netherlands showing major geographical features like elevations, seas, lakes, plateaus, peninsulas, rivers, plains, landforms and other topographic features.

Netherlands Facts and Country Information...

The Netherlands is a country located between north latitude 50.30 degrees and east longitude 5.45 degrees.
The country can be easily separated into two divisions: the low lying north and west and the hilly east and south. The north and west is full of polders and river deltas whereas the latter is substantially higher owing to the foothills of the Ardennes Mountains. This area also conceals the highest peak in the country known as Vaalsberg which is 322.7 meters high.

The total area covered by the country sums up to 41543 square kilometers of which 33893 square kilometers and land and 7650 square kilometers is water. The country also has 451 kilometers of coastlines. The lowest point in the country is Zuidplaspolder which is 7 meters under the surface of the sea. After including the Caribbean Netherlands the highest point changes to Mount Scenery which is 887 meters from top to bottom.

All of the rivers in the country drain themselves into the Ijsselmeer Lake which further drains into the North Sea.

The Rhine is a river shared by many countries it originates in Switzerland but eventually empties itself into the North Sea via Netherlands. The Rhine River is also the longest in the country, flowing for 1233 kilometers.

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